Don't live you life in summary?? - why no blurbs?

So what the fuck does that mean and why the hell don't you just write a descent blurb like everyone else so we can all know what the book is about?

                                                   A Rising Fall back Cover (limited paperback series)

I read recently on a forum that the blurb in the most important part of the book for an author. Idiots.

The reason I do not provide blurbs will be understood when you pick up, read and complete the book and my words to you will be; "you're welcome"

As a philosopher there is no more annoying question than "Why are we here?"
Live your life, then at the end, whisper it to yourself, so nobody can hear. It's not theirs to understand.

Humanity is too intent on knowing the purpose of life before they live their life. The answer will come to you, once you dive in and start living. Find your own reason. Yet still, humans insist on knowing the plot of the universe before they can partake in the play.

This frailty in human conscious plays in many forms. As I teacher i see this in the classroom. Adults, I hate teaching them. The number one question I encounter when introducing any new idea is: Why?

As the elderly scientist says in A Rising Fall - always the laymen to ask a one word question yet demand a progressive response.

So my students need to know why they are learning grammar before they will allow themselves consciously to submit to it, even though comprehension is practical not theoretical, in the world of language anyway where paradoxes are the norm and the concept of language development; an organic form of learning, where fluency and development is hinges less on remembering and reproducing and more on repetition and reproduction through emotional contextual scenarialisation. University 51% education  one can ask why, be told, learn, remember, repeat, then choose 'a' in the test, score 51% and receive a certificate with 100% qualification.

So what does this have to do with no blurb? Getting there.

That was one more example, in the learning environment. The layman needs to know why he is doing something before he does it. He/she is so detached from their subconscious sensors, from their nerves, from their finger tips, from life.

So now we see in other forms. The reader needs to know the gist of a story before he/she will pick up the book. Scared to start something entirely from scratch, from zero and then they will probably elan towards a story they have heard told a millions times before.

The movie goer, needs to read the movie blurb, find out what its about. Watch the previews a million times, read the reviews, watch the interviews. he/she cant' just watch a movie a discover something new.

they have to shake the box. they have to know what's in the room before they turn on the light. They plead and plead to know the surprise and in the world of entertainment, there are no longer any surprises.

So no, you will never receive a blurb or summary of my art or work. You will read the books and be surprised. You fell feel something, anything. You will be affected. And you will not be spoiled by 100 words of trash.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee
@cseanmcgee (city trilogy musical by adam james keane)


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