Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On: Debunking Popular Coined Expressions

All Children are Miracles

This should be looked at in two ways: 1) in regards to the nature of things
                                                          2) as a return on investment

1) The Nature of Things -

To propose all life as a miracle is to assume that the concept of conception through to carrying, developing and eventually birthing a child is inherently dangerous, more so perilous to the life of the carrier.

All children are miracles means that every pregnancy is expected to fail and every birth is a rare undiagnosed condition quite rightly worthy of more than brief light celebration. This type of event should be in print. It shouldn't be whispered but yelled in awe, painted in the eardrums of anyone who will listen, for everyone needs to hear, "we defied nature once again, another child was born".

With this in mind; that all children are miracles, if some poor lady was to lose her infant during carriage or during labour the death of that child; being expected, would not be a tragedy but instead a repeated insignificant event. In fact, in many cases (as humans attribute their cerebral reward in the event of expectation), the carrier would in fact feel relieved that the outcome she had planned came true, that the infant did not live full term or in the case of death during labour, that the thrill was kept until the final moment.

To say that all children are miracles is to say that the death of your child is not a tragedy. It is normal.

2) A Return on Investment -

In the nature of industry, life has been proposed through the guise of science to separate itself from the timely narcissus of mother nature. This topic is proposed and storied in the CITY trilogy, highlighting mankind's disconnection from nature and its abandon of empathy and of course the end effect of this probable situation.
One of the main themes expressed is the fashion of cesarean section births globally, a situation which is at its worst in the fashion conscious and easily manipulated, poorly educated Brazilian population where up to 90% of births occur through C-Section, a stark contrast to the 7% proposed by WHO for acceptable levels. This current dilemma highlights the corporatised manipulation of well intentioned science to industrialise birth, further separating the mother from her child with nature being removed from the equation entirely (actually nature is proposed as a criminal in this state) with Industry key in the centre.

So in the second example we will look at the all children are miracles in an Industrial climate. This for the moment is still preposterous idea and leaves us normalising the tragedies associated with birth and unexpected incidents during pregnancy  Though, there has been an expected increase in the amount of still born children, missacrriages and hemorrhages in recent years and mainly in heavily industrialised cities, an effect one could say of exposure to an unnatural environment; man's desire to manipulate the harmonics of nature to sing his own song and map the stars to construct his own universe, all controlled and contained in the rule of math outlined in the tongues of gods. One can point their finger in any direction, fuels, buzzing electricity grids, mobile phones, aspartame, whey protein, whatever your conspiring mind may trinkle upon.

Regardless, it can be said that in an Industrialised world, infant death is becoming more common but still, when a child is born in the womb, we fear the dangers of industry but we still expect the child to be born unharmed, this is why the tragedy has its emotional resonance.

So, let's be certain here.... for now. Children are not miracles.

take Risk and take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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