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VIVER - uma vida em verbos

Nascer, respirar, reclamar
Abraçado, nomeado, se-calmar
Andar, correr, cair
Chorar, sofrer, sorrir
Levantar, estudar, consumir
Aprender, se-provar, vomitar
Celebrar, pular, trabalhar
Desfrutar, gastar, afastar
Amar, afundar - amado
Prometer, afogar - viciado
Plantar, cuidar, devotar
Ensinar, orgulhar, ansiar
Acreditar, se cegar, se perder
Esvaziar, envelhecer, esquecer
Amarrar, refletir, meditar
Pendurar, asfixiar, descansar

Take risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dark Existential Fiction by C.SeanMcGee


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b00k 001 in the CITY trilogy

83,040  Words  /  Dystopian Literary Fiction

b00k 001 in the dsytopian trilogy: CITY: A Literary Concerto

A Rising Fall is the first book in the dystopian trilogy. The story starts ten years after the blackout as a group of humans struggling to fight off a conscious famine, try to re-learn empathy to save humanity in an old industrial assembly plant. In 3 days; feigned affection, deception and a black heart will take them further into the repression of their own fears in search of unconditional love. 

b00k 011 in the CITY trilogy

88,990 Words  /   Dystopian Fairy Tale

b00k 011 in the dystopian trilogy: CITY:A Literary Concerto

Through the charred wreckage of one man’s philosophy, an adventure into conscious delusion and dark dystopian fantasy begins as the survivors of The Nest find themselves on three paths where each will endeavor to rein their conscious minds to grasp the philosophy of existence and abate the shackles of conscious Famine as they march onwards towards New Utopia.

On one path, Marcos, having woken naked and amnesic at the scorn of ancient women whose immortality derives from the wearing of young girl’s faces like decorative dresses; is chased through a dense wilderness for the face that he wears whilst drifting in and out of conscious Famine, giving a glimpse into The City that was, one of obligation and Infant Industries.

On the second path, in The Kingdom of the Hound, Ruff the dog is awoken to conscious debate, rationalizing and philosophizing with an ostentatious small Chihuahua called The Bitch Queen over the nature of unconditional love as he fights to save the lives of his human friends from being gamed by savage hounds and monolithic boars. 

While on a third path, The Woman will unravel, through conscious delusion, the true extent of her repressions and her loveless abandon as a young girl; Safrine, through childish rhyme, is challenged by a creepy old man into a game of coloured cubes to save her two companions from the effect of The Famine.


12,062  Words

Religious Satire

An unconventional take on unconditional love


92,490  Words   /   Strange Literary Fiction

This is the story of Joao, an uninspiring country boy who moves to a slum in the city with his drunken, violent, preacher father; The Bishop and falls for amiable prostitute named Charity.


8,390  Words


Based on the Nietzsche proverb - 'he who fights monsters might take care lest he become a monster'

This is the story of Christine and the day she grew a penis.


29,500 Words

Black Comedy

The end of the world is nigh and only one man can stop the coming apocalypse. Shane MacGowan has the ultimate weapon; the greatest song ever written and to save the world, his mammy and Teresa he just has to remember how it feckin goes. 


21,170  Words


Rock Book Volume II: Dark Side of the Moon. Set to the music and lyrics and music of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, this is the story of Theodore the disenfranchised rabbit; working tirelessly on the moon to dig a hole from one side to the other to let the sun through; playing in a mundane rock band and having sex rampantly but without much zest. 

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Alex and The Gruff (a tale of horror)

96,320  Words

Horror / Black Comedy

This is the tale of a polite and well-mannered boy named Alex who; after being abducted by a pedophile, develops an incredible bond with an angry and foul mouthed doll called The Gruff who teaches young Alex how to find his voice.

When Alex wakes bound in a wooden coffin to manic cursing and abusing, he finds something he’d never imagined having, a true friend. In the days that follow, a small oddly tempered doll called The Gruff will teach Alex how to say no, how to sharpen his claws and how to kill a man. 

And a triangle of deception will leave Alex wondering who the real victim is.

Based on real events, Alx and The Gruff (a tale of horror) explores the philosophical theme of the effect of the domestication of children through mannerly learning and poses the premise that 'politeness is the discipline of abuse'. 


24,120  Words


The Terror{blist} is an ironic and dark humoured short story that examines the masculinization of idealism and the probable effect of the contrary. In a well of depression, Gavin, quits his telemarketing job and joins a group of radical idealists. In the days leading to his act of terror, a typo has all news stations emasculating the acts of his terror group. Thinking he will be remembered forever as someone less than a man, Gavin ponders the things that men do.

"Real Men Wear Vests"


... or about how everything i own is covered in a fine red dust

14,930 Words


On the night of 'The March', The Teacher will find himself, in the most profound and liberating test of his ideals. Part philosophical and politcal satire, and part gut wrenching horror, The Anarchist, proving once again that C.SeanMcGee is to be found neither on the left nor the right of traditional and scholared ideology, points an ironic, poignant and articuate finger at idealism and its literal implications.

Happy People Live Here

89,460 Words

Existential Fiction

On the ninth floor of an upscale apartment complex, a young couple will come to terms with the loss of their son and the impending release of their daughter from a psychiatric clinic on her fourth birthday.

In the three days leading to Korine being released from the clinic, The Mother, The Father and Linda will each, in their escapism, deal with their own demons. And each will captain their negation and ridicule before eventually, on the third day, falling into some kind of teary and blissful acceptance.

This is a story of happiness, regardless of the hurt and suffering of which it is sometimes garbed.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Science Fiction / Existential Fiction

A cautionary tale of love, mathematics and the innocuous,


134,700 words

Dark Fantasy /Dystopian

Under a black starless sky, a troupe of ragged freaks and performers - led by the perverse and enigmatic Ringmaster - makes its way into a town disparaged by death and disease, intent on curing the sadness, suffering and infirmity of its inhabitants with Light.

** cover image: Le Fête by Mario Duplantier (Gojira)

Inspired by the album DEMON by the band GAZPACHO


Science Fiction / Existentialism

71,100 words

On the eve of a bloody secular coup, an old man will come to terms with his murderous obsessions; but will he ever find peace?

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot

Science Fiction / Existential Fiction / Social Satire

Morality and humanity come into question as a robot, overwhelmed by the promise of his own potential, discovers meaning and purpose in a bloody showdown with ex-superheroes, dastardly villains, and lesbian justice warriors. 

"Am I a shitty robot from the 80's?"


Existential Fiction / Social Satire

A short parable about a small boy releasing the girl within. But could something far more sinister be lurking beneath?

A distastefully witty tale of horror.

**Based on the song Trains by Porcupine Tree


Alex and The Gruff:  Dawn of The Bully Hunter

Dark Fantasy / Science Fiction 

With the help of a foul mouthed doll, a shy seven-year-old boy will overcome his greatest fears as he confronts a multiverse rife with bullies and monsters in a battle to find his inner voice.

Like any well-mannered boy, Alex is weak, timid, and unable to say no. At school he is picked on and teased, while outside of school, he is being hunted by child stealing monsters and deranged scientists, intent on reversing the irreversible arrow of time.

In a fable that unravels the threads of the multiverse, young Alex, along with his new best friend forever (a muscle flexing, foul mouthed bully hunter called The Gruff), will discover that the dearest and most impossible enemy is oneself; and in a final showdown, he will either save the existence or he wiil save himself.

The Parasite

Science Fiction

A coming of age story about Pete, a Toxoplasma gondii, who wants nothing more than to follow his father's footsteps and make his home in the belly of a cat. But when he ends up in the belly of The Human instead, Peter Gondii must use the extent of his will and engineering might to fulfill his promise and overcome the impossible burden of fate and chance.

Buy Paperback:  US$8

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The Case Against God


Amidst protests and calls for his impeachment, God is interviewed by famed Rolling Stone columnist, Gene, to get his side of the story and to set the record straight once and for all. What follows is a grand conspiracy that will change the course of humanity forever.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Verôes Portugues - The Anarchist (O Anarquista), The Parasaite (O Parasito), Christine

Disponível agora, versões Português do: 

The Parasite, The Anarchist, Christine

Compra eBook agora - US$2.99

Traduzido pelo André Monteiro

"Essa é a história de Christine e o dia em que ela cresceu um pênis."

Barnes and Noble - http://tiny.cc/by3x6y

O Anarquitsa 
Traduzido pela Alessandra Gorayeb

Na noite da "Marcha", O Professor terá seus ideais testados da forma mais profunda e libertadora.

Parte sátira política e filosófica, e parte horror de revirar o estômago, O Anarquista, provando mais uma vez que C.SeanMcGee não está nem à esquerda nem à direita da ideologia tradicional e escolarizada, aponta um dedo irônico, ácido e articulado ao idealismo e suas implicações literais.

Barnes and Noble - http://tiny.cc/hw2x6y

O Parasita
Traduzido pela Alessandra Gorayeb

História de Peter entrando na idade adulta, um Toxoplasma gondii, que almeja nada menos do que seguir os passos do seu pai e instalar sua casa na barriga de um gato. Mas, ao parar na barriga de um Humano, Peter Gondii precisa usar toda sua força de vontade e engenhosidade para cumprir sua promessa e conquistar o fardo impossível dos desígnios do destino.

Barnes and Noble - http://tiny.cc/5n3x6y

Take risk and Take care,
C. Sean McGee

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