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b00k 001 in the CITY trilogy

83,040  Words  /  Dystopian Literary Fiction
b00k 001 in the dsytopian trilogy: CITY: A Literary Concerto
A Rising Fall is the first book in the dystopian trilogy. The story starts ten years after the blackout as a group of humans struggling to fight off a conscious famine, try to re-learn empathy to save humanity in an old industrial assembly plant. In 3 days; feigned affection, deception and a black heart will take them further into the repression of their own fears in search of unconditional love. 

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UTOPIAN CIRCUSb00k 011 in the CITY trilogy

88,990 Words  /   Dystopian Fairy Tale
b00k 011 in the dystopian trilogy: CITY:A Literary Concerto
Through the charred wreckage of one man’s philosophy, an adventure into conscious delusion and dark dystopian fantasy begin…
New book - The Inscrutable Mr. Robot - underway 

Letting go

Peace of Mind

Ulver - Porn Piece

Ether book starting soon

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Dirty Peeping Stalker Windows

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