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Rhyme Extract: A Rising Fall

Rhyme Extract:  A Rising Fall

When I am alone; And at being with fear, I will my delusion away. For the night that is here; Will soon disappear, And return me to being at day.
- Safrine

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A Rising Fall Front Cover
Title: A Rising Fall Series: 1 of 3 Series Title:   CITY:aliteraryconcerto Author: C. Sean McGee Blurb:  Don't live your life in summary. read the book, write your own blurb. Theme: Dystopian / Philosophy / Literary Fiction Published: ₢2012 CSM Publishing
PAPERBACK - Limited to 250 copies. Available in January 2013. US$15 plus shipping
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Thinking as I do about the project that will follow the one I am working on now. Coffee and Sugar is about 50% through and I'll send it off to agents but more than likely it will be another free art offering.

After having basted myself in the music business prior, the idea of lathering oneself in industry bollocks and having to bypass talent-less sales reps to deal with editors is a game I am tired of.

The last Literary Agent I dealt with was here in São Paulo. They wanted A Rising Fall immediately. I got stupid as one does, you know, its flattering to get attention for something you created entirely yourself, unlike music which was always a shared benefit and you would wrap yourself in collective cynicism or ego binging, whichever seemed more appropriate.

Anyway these agents were delightful in how they wanted to deal with their client. I had asked the lady, Giuliana or something, that we should meet, have a coffee and discuss the book. In my mind, i would want to be intimate wit…

Music that inspired A Rising Fall

The writing for A Rising Fall was very intense, given that during this period I was teaching a lot, all of São Paulo, form the early hours of the morning before the normal work day began, racing around on subways to teach through the afternoon and well into the night.

A Rising Fall was written on sofas, on train platforms and at my impromptu at the paperback's sponsor's office in São Caetano do Sul.

The books were inspired completely by the musical piece The DeDMeN Trilogy which was written and recorded by Adam James Keane in 2005. I lived with Adam during this phase and worked with him on the first album in the series; A Rising Fall, providing backing vocals, lyrics and helping with the themes. This musical project was spawned during a chaotic time in our lives when the investor from our previous band hired goons to physically threaten us and our families, but that's another story.

The concept sat in my mind for years and it was several years after living and starting a …

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A Rising Fall Front Cover
Title: A Rising Fall
Series: 1 of 3
Series Title:   CITY:aliteraryconcerto
Author: C. Sean McGee
Blurb:  Don't live your life in summary. read the book, write your own blurb.
Theme: Dystopian / Philosophy / Literary Fiction
Published: ₢2012 CSM Publishing

PAPERBACK - Limited to 250 copies. Available in January 2013.

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Books that affected me

I was asked recently what my 10 favourite books of all time were and I had to confess, I don't read.

I can answer the above trivia on one hand maybe and I'll do my best below.

I have never had the attention for reading and as a philosopher, writer, artist and rhymer, I have no desire to read or to accidentally be influenced by another great artist's work.

I have mentioned previously that writing in my perspective is Literary Masturbation. I write because of a feeling it serves me that no-one else can come close to serving. Writing fulfills a narcissistic calling that i believe sings to every author, essentially authors of creative fiction, not that moronic help yourself, spiritual healing be a better leader rubbish. Sorry Mr. Tim Ferris, as much as people put you in some idolized catalogue, you belong well in this pack.

I follow no philosophers before me. I am trying to define my own universal thought, not contemplate and moot the work of others. This is what universities…

New Version updated to Smashwords

The old version on Smashwords had some errors and conflicts. I have made the adjustments and now it looks beautiful and sleek.

My apologies to those 112 souls that downloaded yesterday and received sub par appearance and presentation.

Download A Rising Fall from Smashwords

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

New Torrent - A Rising Fall novel and Musical together

New torrents have been uploaded including bundle containing:

-    A Rising Fall (epub, mobi, pdf for all devices)

-   A Rising Falll the Musical by Adam james Keane - an industrial/progressive/rock/blues/metal extravaganza

Track List:
1) DeDMeN Anthem , Our Broken Spirit, DeDMeN Will target You, Class of 2025, Dead Memories, We're Going to (New Utopia)
2) Ring Tone Society, Rock Dreams, 21st Century Symphony
3) The Advertisement, My Broken Spirit
4) The Uprising
5) At the End of the Day
6) A Rising Fall, The End of the Age of Oil Symphony

-    Poetry and Rhyming (pdf) - Collection of som every old and newish poems and rhymes

-    Short Stories (pdf) - A collection of short stories, most based on musical pieces.

Download Ultimate Torrent bundle here

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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Q:   What did Marcos drink to get poisoned on day 2?

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Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

A Rising Fall Synopsis


A Rising Fall is a philosophical/ dystopian love story centered around the protagonist; Marcos and his wife; The Woman who lead a small society of children, women, philosophers and scientists in an abandoned industrial assembly plant ten years after the blackout; when the ages of oil, industry and information ground to a halt. In three days, an epic journey will unfold through a web of suspicion, treason, song and dance, cruel scientific experiments, storytelling, sadistic scientists, petulant generals, cold and distant lovers and of course the odd glass of Poitin.
After a century of dehumanisation, technological dependence and mal-communication, humanity lost its empathy. At the end of the age of oil, the engines stopped. At the end of the age of information, identity stopped and in the age of famine, mankind stopped. 
Nature had removed the empathy gene from man, the gene that preserves existence linking man to man, man to nature and man to god. Without the gene,…

A Rising Fall First Chapter

He was sure his arm was broken. The pain from the blow coursed from his elbow through to his fingertips. His legs too were beginning to give way now. They ached courageously and they were so heavy. Each step made a mile of its own and the inevitability of collapse was beckoning. Still he threw off any and all ideas of stopping. On he rushed through the mangled weave of broken cement, ripping skin on plates of loose gravel and broken glass. On he rushed, never wincing for a second, swallowing; in every shallow breath, the agonizing defeat echoing through every fibre of his body. On he rushed, unsure of whom or what it was that hounded his piles of footsteps. On he rushed, certain of his uncertainty but unwilling to challenge his paranoia. On he rushed and he never lost pace. He moved through the maze of concrete structures with a comfortable ease and an unsettled feeling of familiarity. He knew every brick that lay strewn in his path and given time, on any other day; without the …

A Rising Fall Musical & Competition

The links below are for the accompanying musical to the CITY trilogy, the first part being of course A Rising Fall.

All music was written, composed and engineered by Adam James Keane at Survival Studios in Perth Western Australia during a chaotic personal period during 2005.

CITY:aliteraryconcerto (A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus, iCannibal) novels were based entirely on this piece of audio. The story morphed considerably through my own changing philosophical eye and through the influence of my adopted city Sâo Paulo after I moved here in 2007.

A Rising Fall (theme track)

Devil's Blood (from iCannibal)

At the end of the day (from A Rising Fall)

Ring Tone Society / Rock Dreams / 21st Century Symphony (from A Rising Fall)

DeDMeN Anthem, Our Broken Spirit, New Utopia

iCannibal (theme track)

Music/Composition/all instruments & programming / engineering - Adam James Keane
Backing Vocals - C. Sean Mcgee  (A Rising Fall)
Lyrcis & Themes - Adam James Keane and C. Sean McGee (A Risi…

CITY:aliteraryconcerto Overview (from A Rising Fall Book Proposal)

What sacrifice, to conceive a dream; when all you leave behind, is all you’ll ever be?
If there were no light, would you dare to look within yourself? If there were no sound, would you even recognise the shrill of fright in your own voice? And if the Industry stopped, whose faith would you subscribe to; if not your own? At the end of the age of information; will you even know yourself?
A Rising Fall is the first book in a dystopian trilogy entitled City:aliteraryconcerto. The story starts ten years after the blackout as a group of humans struggling to fight off a conscious famine, try to re-learn empathy to save humanity in an old industrial assembly plant. In 3 days; feigned affection, deception and a black heart will take them further into the repression of their own fears in search of unconditional love.
The City Concerto through literary prose; answers one question: To what lengths would a father go and what horrible wrongs would he do, to teach a god how to love again?
Following the …

Don't live you life in summary?? - why no blurbs?

So what the fuck does that mean and why the hell don't you just write a descent blurb like everyone else so we can all know what the book is about?

                                                   A Rising Fall back Cover (limited paperback series)

I read recently on a forum that the blurb in the most important part of the book for an author. Idiots.

The reason I do not provide blurbs will be understood when you pick up, read and complete the book and my words to you will be; "you're welcome"

As a philosopher there is no more annoying question than "Why are we here?"
Live your life, then at the end, whisper it to yourself, so nobody can hear. It's not theirs to understand.

Humanity is too intent on knowing the purpose of life before they live their life. The answer will come to you, once you dive in and start living. Find your own reason. Yet still, humans insist on knowing the plot of the universe before they can partake in the play.

This frailty in…

Heads up for Smashwords epub edition errors

***If anyone has come from Smashwords, the version created by their converter is showing off text. Randomly, the text is smaller and of a different type set. It looks horrible and I have emailed the etch dept there to confirm if they have a bug in their system.

In creation of the file for smashwords all guidelines were followed to suit their conversion methods.

If you downloaded an epub from smashwords and you had this problems follow any of the following links to download a more appropriate version created by myself using Calibre software.

I apologise for anyone who took the time to download the Smashwords version. I checked it on my wife's ipad and it looked horrendous. If you downloaded an epub and it looked fine on your player, let me know. Also if you downloaded a mobi or even pdf from smashwords, let me know how it looked. I am blind on this end and I don't want an ugly finish.

Thanks guys. It's been a great start to free art. A Rising Fall has been dowloading stead…

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All entries sent into competition recei…


Tis better a story be a thousand times told than a single times sold

- C. Sean McGee

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Utopian Circus (book 2 in City trilogy)     -    March 2013   Coffee and Sugar                                     -    August 2013 Oh Culto !                                               -    2014 iCannibal (book 3…

Coming Soon: Utopian Circus

Coming Soon in 2013:              Utopian Circus

After the success of A Rising Fall free download, Utopian Circus; book 2 in the philosophical dystopian trilogy, will be uploaded for free in epub, mobi and pdf format early 2013.

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Once work has been completed on Coffee and Sugar, I will edit and complete artwork for Utopian Circus and upload to The Pirate Bay for curious cats to enjoy.

Keep tuned and have an honest holidays.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee