Monday, December 10, 2012

News on releases and blogs

Don't forget to come and visit my other blogs:  -  The blog for the first novel in a dystopian epic trilogy. See artwork, read tons of excerpts from the book, listen to music from the accompanying musical and most importantly, leave a note.  -  The blog for long time imploded Perth extreme band Hypercenter. Photos, music, videos & coming soon, how the biggest metal band in the world, locked themselves in the dark; the Hypercenter story.  -  keep up to date with my writing and releases and insights

The last eight months ahve been intense to say the least. I wrote and completed two books; AR1S1NGFALL and Utopian Cicrus (part 1 and 2 of the trilogy CITY:aliteraryconcerto). I am currently 50% through my third book, a dark romantic comedy entitled Coffee and Sugar and my son was born at home in our house in São Paulo, Brasil.

Next year promises to be just as intense with Coffee and Sugar to be completed by May 2013 and Utopian Circus scheduled for independant publishing in June 2013 (If i can sell enough copies of AR1S1NGFALL of course or convince my wonderful investors to back round 2).

I am aiming to write 1 book every 3-4 months, aiming for 3 books per year, espceially during this rather intense creative period. Join me on this journey.

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