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Music that inspired A Rising Fall

The writing for A Rising Fall was very intense, given that during this period I was teaching a lot, all of São Paulo, form the early hours of the morning before the normal work day began, racing around on subways to teach through the afternoon and well into the night.

A Rising Fall was written on sofas, on train platforms and at my impromptu at the paperback's sponsor's office in São Caetano do Sul.

The books were inspired completely by the musical piece The DeDMeN Trilogy which was written and recorded by Adam James Keane in 2005. I lived with Adam during this phase and worked with him on the first album in the series; A Rising Fall, providing backing vocals, lyrics and helping with the themes. This musical project was spawned during a chaotic time in our lives when the investor from our previous band hired goons to physically threaten us and our families, but that's another story.

The concept sat in my mind for years and it was several years after living and starting a family in São Paulo, Brazil that I decided to throw myself back in the project. I started writing one day and finished 2.5 months later. The following day I began book 2 in the series and finished it 2 months later as well.

During this period of writing life was chaotic. My wife was pregnant with out second child and we were planning a homebirth, my first child was starting to become more vocal around the home, the acquisition of a third dog meant more walking every day, a particular Persian that needs constant grooming, clients that need constant emotional grooming, starting and nurturing my own business, creating a new philosophy and psychology for teaching second languages and my exercise, which since the birth of my daughter has been my only addiction and necessary in the development of my focus and discipline.

Now to the music. In between writing and teaching and all the rest, I was never without music and the following is a list of albums that I absolved myself in during the writing process. These works were vital for the emotional development of the writing.

A Rising Fall - Adam James Keane

As mentioned, the trilogy of books entitled CITY:aliteraryconcerto (A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus, iCannibal)  were all inspired from this piece of music recorded in 2005. The themes morphed somewhat over the years but I kept true to the linear dimension of the musical and injected some themes from the lyrics into the story.

A Rising Fall (theme track) - A Rising Fall - Adam James Keane

1) Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning

I absorbed myself in this album. absolutely incredible, though now I can't listen to it to save my life. It happens unfortunately. After reading and editing A Rising fall up to 14 times, I also cannot read this book anymore. I used this music to drift into a dark stupor which helped a lot in the development of the relationship between Marcos and The Woman.

Remainder The Black Dog - Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning

Simples de Coração - Engenheiros do Hawaii

I listened to this album coming home on the subway every Wednesday and Friday night after finishing teaching at an investment bank in São Paulo. Two subways, then waiting 20 minutes in the freezing cold to catch an overcrowded train back to my station. I love the melodies and harmonies. The lyrics are fantastic, very intelligent and it has this light melancholic feel, perfect to come down to. Bear in mind that by this point, I am delirious after sitting on a sofa writing intensely for 3 hours, drinking hundred of espressos then, teaching an English class of the cuff.

A Perigo - Enegenheiros do hawaii - Simples de Coração (1995)

Devin Townend Project - Addicted

This is a super haqppy fuck yeah type album that was a wonderful counter to the depressive music I was gorgin on and a great album to burst through subways. This album kept my spirits up and surging.

Addicted - Devin Townsend Project - By A Thread: Live in London DVD

Portishead - Dummy

A very cool, calm and sexy sounding album. It has a very dark and brooding feel. This would play on the metro going to or coming from São Paulo. 

Numb - Portishead - Dummy

Ulver - Wars of the Roses

Much similar to Grace for Drowning; not in music but in vibe, I used this album to take me somewhere dark.

England - Ulver - Live @ Norwegian National Opera

and last but not least:

Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt 

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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