1)   Buy the digital version for US$1 from Amazon Kindle Shop here

2)  Download .epub and .mobi versions for free here

AR1S1NGFALL is now available for free for a limited time on digital formats.

if you want to support my art, you can buy the digital verison from Kindle store for US$1
AR1S1NGFALL will be uploaded to iBooks in coming days (click link 1)

You can download .mobi and .epub versions of the book from The Pirate Bay for free.
I am not concerned with money. My joy of creating is in the creating not in the marketing, so the art is yours to enjoy for free. Spread it to your friends, be affected and affect others. Love as One, Live as you Love.
(click link 2)

Or you can go the extra mile and buy a copy of the limited pressing paperback (250 copies) which will be ready to ship in January 2013. Payments can be made thorugh PalPay, PagoSeguro, Western Union and hidden in envelopes.

US$15 & shipping
AUS$15 & Shipping

Books ship from São Paulo, Brazil.

All money from the selling of the paperback go directly to self publishing book 2 in the series, Utopian Circus which is complete and awaiting editing and publishing.

independant art is impossibel without you.


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