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News: 14/12/12


AR1S1NGFALL is in the final process of publishing at the moment.
I have just signed off on the cover art and diagramming of the book.
If all goes well, the first run should be ready to ship in 15 days.

AR1S1NGFALL (A Rising Fall) is the first novel in a dystopian & philosophical epic trilogy entitled CITY:aliteraryconcerto

This trilogy is written in literary fiction and is less read than it is sung & throws back to the traditional dystopian writing of our time such as We, Brave New World and 1984, except painted with a far more delicate stroke.

AR1S1NGFALL cover art work

AR1S1NGFALL is selling for US$20
The first 25 copies will receive a free accompanying musical by Adam James Keane (Australian composer).
The accompanying musical is an epic industrial/progressive/metal/blues extravaganza.

All books ship from São Paulo, Brazil

The first run is limited to 250 copies. This is a completely independant project. I have received some financial support from friends here is Brazil and I am stealing form my own children's plates to pay for the last two cheques of the printing.

I need to sell 125 copies to be able to publishing immediately book 2 in the trilogy; Utopian Circus, which has been written and is awaiting publishing.

Book 3 in the trilogy; iCannibal will be written early 2013.
Currently I am working on a separate story entitled  Coffee and Sugar, a twisted love story about the bitter sweet nature of life.

I have recently uploaded some really old poems, short stories, some new short stories written during this recent creative spike and a sample teaser of AR1S1NGFALL (the first 100 pages of the book).  -  Poetry torrent  - Short Stories \\Torrent - AR1S1NGFALL sample - AR1S1NGFALL, poems, stories torrent

Download and pass them onward.

Coffee and Sugar is 50% complete at the moment and is a remarkable step forwards in my writing style and story telling, an experience I am enjoying incredible but one which is so very draining, given that I write in between teaching countless English classes, exercising, walking my 3 dogs, playing with my two wonderful children and being a better husband every day to my loving wife.

Being an irish Australian  writer in Brazil is not easy. Writing outside of the nation's tongue means I can reach nobody with my work here and I am too far from New York, London and Dublin to please the talent-less agents to help bring my work to a perspective other than that of me and my Persian called huxley.

Utopian Circus (awaiting publishing)
Coffee and Sugar (in production)
Coffee Tales (11 Short Stories based on the protagonist from Coffee and Sugar)
iCannibal (Part 3 to the dystopian trilogy CITY:aliteraryconcerto)

Let me know you are real and not just prints in the sand.
Drop a note if you like anything that you read.
A kind word cannot be written in a cheque but is beyond value to me.


Thank you for coming by and for those that downloaded thbe torrents and decided to look at my sites.
Remember you can add me on facebook to receive information and snippets from my writing:

Take Risk and Take care,

C. Sean McGee  14/12/12    15.58

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