Saturday, July 25, 2015


You should, for the life of you, watch and listen to Tigran Hamasyan Trio.

Tigran Hamasyan Trio

Performing "Mockroot"

** I am in the final editing phaze of the first half of {untitled}, my latest novel. Writing of the second part of this rather large story shouldf commence next week. I have no idea of a release date as of yet. At the earliest, I would assume close to Xmas 2015, maybe early in the new year. I am writing without a connection to calender or time, to le tthe story evolve into whatever gargantuan stature that bests defines it. It will be done when it's done. Until then, douse your ears and consciousness in the river where i wet mine.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Excerpt: {untitled}

"Death is in the state of the vessel, and not the state of the soul."

- The Ringmaster

{untitled} C.SeanMcGee ₢2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

An introduction to literary accounting 101:

Breakdown of author royalty.

Title: The Time Traveler's Wife
List Price: US$2.99
Royalty: US$1

PAid Royalty example: US$100 (paid in cheque)

Cashing royalty (from US dollar to Brazilian Real)

Royalty Value: US$100
US taxes: US$30
Bank Fee for cheque conversions: US$50 per cheque

FInal Royalty: US$20

So in short, for every 3 dollar book sold, I, the author take a 1 dollar royalty, and from this 1 dollar royalty, after US taxes and bank fees, I am left with 20 cent royalty. This does not take into account declaration of earnings to Brazilian government for US revenue which is between 30-55%. Sales that occur outside of US (australia, Europe, Japan, Canada, India, South Africa, Mexico), cannot be cashed, as Brazilian banks do not work with any currency outsde of US dollar. So end result on royalties for UK sales (where The Time Traveler's Wife was a best seller), is zero.

So, in short,even when there is money in art, there is no money in art. This is why i give my books for free. The extent on my wallet is the same. I am not dependant on my art. but that not to say that some compensation wouldn't be nice. Though, if i am going to be broke, better to have built that estate than to have been paid in someone else's bricks and mortar, and being left with nothing more than a poorly drafted floor plan.
So in short, all books are being made free again.

Take Risk and Take Care,

Monday, July 13, 2015

{untitled} a certain kind of milestone

This far in, one forgets where they came from, and the where the hell it is they are going. 

I feel lost, and alone; so completely unsure of myself, but i have no choice but to carve through my own indecision and self doubt, and continue, until i work towards some kind of ending.

This book is basically 2 books joined by the death of 3 characters

I haven't taken on a challenge like this before. I am relying on my endurance from muay thai and running, that lonely will to persevere - regardless of whose shouting you on, you're in this alone.

This will be some story indeed.

Take Risk and Take Care,


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