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Rhyme Extract: A Rising Fall

Rhyme Extract:  A Rising Fall

When I am alone;
And at being with fear,
I will my delusion away.
For the night that is here;
Will soon disappear,
And return me to being at day.

- Safrine

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A Rising Fall Front Cover

Title: A Rising Fall
Series: 1 of 3
Series Title:   CITY:aliteraryconcerto
Author: C. Sean McGee
Blurb:  Don't live your life in summary. read the book, write your own blurb.
Theme: Dystopian / Philosophy / Literary Fiction
Published: ₢2012 CSM Publishing

PAPERBACK - Limited to 250 copies. Available in January 2013.
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Short Stories:   4 short stories by C. Sean McGee, some based on musical pieces.

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Free Art - Just a writer's voice and your conscious ear.


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee


Thinking as I do about the project that will follow the one I am working on now. Coffee and Sugar is about 50% through and I'll send it off to agents but more than likely it will be another free art offering.

After having basted myself in the music business prior, the idea of lathering oneself in industry bollocks and having to bypass talent-less sales reps to deal with editors is a game I am tired of.

The last Literary Agent I dealt with was here in São Paulo. They wanted A Rising Fall immediately. I got stupid as one does, you know, its flattering to get attention for something you created entirely yourself, unlike music which was always a shared benefit and you would wrap yourself in collective cynicism or ego binging, whichever seemed more appropriate.

Anyway these agents were delightful in how they wanted to deal with their client. I had asked the lady, Giuliana or something, that we should meet, have a coffee and discuss the book. In my mind, i would want to be intimate with the project I am selling. And from my experience in the music business, it is always good to feed the ego of the client; keep them confident, energised and ready to produce more. This agents reaction to lunch:

"Sure we can meet, someday. As you know the book proposal is more important and if you write a good one it means we don't have to meet because I can sell your book without you. So that when we do meet, its only for the important things. I don't have time to meet with writers and its not necessary"

Oh, and let's look at some figures here. Brazilian agents. They wanted 30% royalties for doing what? let's see:

They wanted to translate the work into Portuguese to sell on the Brazilian market - I didn't want this. I was focused not on domestic because Brazilians love three types of books, religious books, crosswords & word sleuths and self help books. Cultural Literacy in Brazil is anorexic to say the least, but its still an inspiring country to write in. Anyway, my focus was still on London, Dublin or New York, especially for the style of writing and themes. Also a lot of the rhyming in the book is very dependent to the story and will not translate in other languages. It will lose its rhythm and feel. This is an English story. If you don't speak the language, this is a great opportunity to start learning.

*** Don't read translated works, listen to a story told in the writer's voice, not a version or a cover. You wouldn't stomach Dark Side of the Moon sung by Justin Bieber, so why settle for book translations. You can translate words but you cannot translate the heart and soul etched in a writer's voice*****

But ok, they wanted to translate and start selling in Brazil so they could have some numbers to bring it to London. What her words weren't telling me was that their dealings with overseas clients is only to provide translating services and re-sell on our domestic market and they wouldn't have a clue how to approach selling a new client on a foreign market, but ok.

My response at first was: I don't want to, this feels wrong, i think i'm being raped. Then two hours later i emailed and said ok. This is the part of art and industry that is fucked. I knew it was a bad idea.

Their response: Excellent, well we can direct you to a translator or you can provide your won but we have to approve the work.
My Response: You want me to pay for the translation?
Them: Yes
Me: What are you doing for your 30%?

I fired them 8 minutes later and made A Rising Fall an independent project form that point on.

30% - \i still didn't understand.

On the bright side I learned how to write a book proposal and learned that all Brazilian Literary Agents are fucking snakes. Talent-less skivvy wearing amoebas.

So the next project ---- all of my work is driven by music. I mentioned below in a previous post about the albums that were the gasoline for A Rising Fall, and we will look at Utopian Circus soon as it comes closer to launching the story.

After Coffee and Sugar, I plan to look at the exploration of love again, unconditional love, through drug addiction  The love of a man for his needle, the love of a mother for his sinking son and the love of both for god, who gave them nothing in reserve. The book will play out to the album Grace by Jeff Buckley.

Have a great party tonight to those that celebrate. For us it will be reminding my daughter that the fireworks are not dangerous.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Music that inspired A Rising Fall

The writing for A Rising Fall was very intense, given that during this period I was teaching a lot, all of São Paulo, form the early hours of the morning before the normal work day began, racing around on subways to teach through the afternoon and well into the night.

A Rising Fall was written on sofas, on train platforms and at my impromptu at the paperback's sponsor's office in São Caetano do Sul.

The books were inspired completely by the musical piece The DeDMeN Trilogy which was written and recorded by Adam James Keane in 2005. I lived with Adam during this phase and worked with him on the first album in the series; A Rising Fall, providing backing vocals, lyrics and helping with the themes. This musical project was spawned during a chaotic time in our lives when the investor from our previous band hired goons to physically threaten us and our families, but that's another story.

The concept sat in my mind for years and it was several years after living and starting a family in São Paulo, Brazil that I decided to throw myself back in the project. I started writing one day and finished 2.5 months later. The following day I began book 2 in the series and finished it 2 months later as well.

During this period of writing life was chaotic. My wife was pregnant with out second child and we were planning a homebirth, my first child was starting to become more vocal around the home, the acquisition of a third dog meant more walking every day, a particular Persian that needs constant grooming, clients that need constant emotional grooming, starting and nurturing my own business, creating a new philosophy and psychology for teaching second languages and my exercise, which since the birth of my daughter has been my only addiction and necessary in the development of my focus and discipline.

Now to the music. In between writing and teaching and all the rest, I was never without music and the following is a list of albums that I absolved myself in during the writing process. These works were vital for the emotional development of the writing.

A Rising Fall - Adam James Keane

As mentioned, the trilogy of books entitled CITY:aliteraryconcerto (A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus, iCannibal)  were all inspired from this piece of music recorded in 2005. The themes morphed somewhat over the years but I kept true to the linear dimension of the musical and injected some themes from the lyrics into the story.

A Rising Fall (theme track) - A Rising Fall - Adam James Keane

1) Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning

I absorbed myself in this album. absolutely incredible, though now I can't listen to it to save my life. It happens unfortunately. After reading and editing A Rising fall up to 14 times, I also cannot read this book anymore. I used this music to drift into a dark stupor which helped a lot in the development of the relationship between Marcos and The Woman.

Remainder The Black Dog - Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning

Simples de Coração - Engenheiros do Hawaii

I listened to this album coming home on the subway every Wednesday and Friday night after finishing teaching at an investment bank in São Paulo. Two subways, then waiting 20 minutes in the freezing cold to catch an overcrowded train back to my station. I love the melodies and harmonies. The lyrics are fantastic, very intelligent and it has this light melancholic feel, perfect to come down to. Bear in mind that by this point, I am delirious after sitting on a sofa writing intensely for 3 hours, drinking hundred of espressos then, teaching an English class of the cuff.

A Perigo - Enegenheiros do hawaii - Simples de Coração (1995)

Devin Townend Project - Addicted

This is a super haqppy fuck yeah type album that was a wonderful counter to the depressive music I was gorgin on and a great album to burst through subways. This album kept my spirits up and surging.

Addicted - Devin Townsend Project - By A Thread: Live in London DVD

Portishead - Dummy

A very cool, calm and sexy sounding album. It has a very dark and brooding feel. This would play on the metro going to or coming from São Paulo. 

Numb - Portishead - Dummy

Ulver - Wars of the Roses

Much similar to Grace for Drowning; not in music but in vibe, I used this album to take me somewhere dark.

England - Ulver - Live @ Norwegian National Opera

and last but not least:

Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt 

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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A Rising Fall Front Cover

Title: A Rising Fall
Series: 1 of 3
Series Title:   CITY:aliteraryconcerto
Author: C. Sean McGee
Blurb:  Don't live your life in summary. read the book, write your own blurb.
Theme: Dystopian / Philosophy / Literary Fiction
Published: ₢2012 CSM Publishing

PAPERBACK - Limited to 250 copies. Available in January 2013.


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Short Stories:   4 short stories by C. Sean McGee, some based on musical pieces.
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Free Art - Just a writer's voice and your conscious ear.


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Books that affected me

I was asked recently what my 10 favourite books of all time were and I had to confess, I don't read.

I can answer the above trivia on one hand maybe and I'll do my best below.

I have never had the attention for reading and as a philosopher, writer, artist and rhymer, I have no desire to read or to accidentally be influenced by another great artist's work.

I have mentioned previously that writing in my perspective is Literary Masturbation. I write because of a feeling it serves me that no-one else can come close to serving. Writing fulfills a narcissistic calling that i believe sings to every author, essentially authors of creative fiction, not that moronic help yourself, spiritual healing be a better leader rubbish. Sorry Mr. Tim Ferris, as much as people put you in some idolized catalogue, you belong well in this pack.

I follow no philosophers before me. I am trying to define my own universal thought, not contemplate and moot the work of others. This is what universities and their acclaimed professors are for; 51 percenters providing 0% new insight.

So, I did once upon a time read a few books that stay close to me and I keep on a tiny bookshelf in my office. I remember when I studied Creative Writing at university and when I mentioned these books my aged professor hissed and hussed and said that an esteemed and real writer will quote Dickens or Hemmingway or god help us all, Jane Austin... I didn't stay very long in this course. But we'll leave my thought on university for another day. For now, here is my list of the only books i have read and the order in which I love them:

1) American Psycho - the first book I ever read. developed my joy of the anti-hero

2) His Dark Materials - I received the first book to read from a guy called Vlad and I read it in 2 days. I bought the whole trilogy the next day and I still read this trilogy once a year. It re-invoked something special in me, the thrill of children's stories, written for an adult's pallet. This idea I inject into all of my work, so thank you Phillip, I guess I took something after-all.

3) 1984 - Brilliant. Very dry but brilliant. The dryness in the writing though suited the context of the story.

4) Animal Farm - unofficially i would put this before 1984. 

5) Brave New World - took me a bit to enjoy this ride. It was grand and when I write my philosophy into my characters, I bridge myself on his work, though very scientific and bland. His only fault, his inability to write colour.

So there we have it. the only 2 of those i read perpetual are american psycho and his dark materials. And this is the extent of my literary library. Though i did forget one, The Rules of Attraction also by Brett Easton Ellis.

I am though heavily influenced and intoxicated by music. Next entry we will explore the music that pulled me through the insane 2 months writing A Rising Fall.

Until then, as always:

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Version updated to Smashwords

The old version on Smashwords had some errors and conflicts. I have made the adjustments and now it looks beautiful and sleek.

My apologies to those 112 souls that downloaded yesterday and received sub par appearance and presentation.

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Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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-   A Rising Falll the Musical by Adam james Keane - an industrial/progressive/rock/blues/metal extravaganza

Track List:

1) DeDMeN Anthem , Our Broken Spirit, DeDMeN Will target You, Class of 2025, Dead Memories, We're Going to (New Utopia)
2) Ring Tone Society, Rock Dreams, 21st Century Symphony
3) The Advertisement, My Broken Spirit
4) The Uprising
5) At the End of the Day
6) A Rising Fall, The End of the Age of Oil Symphony

-    Poetry and Rhyming (pdf) - Collection of som every old and newish poems and rhymes

-    Short Stories (pdf) - A collection of short stories, most based on musical pieces.

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Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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Win a free signed ltd edt paperback A Rising Fall

Answer this question to win a signed limited edition paperback copy of A Rising Fall, shipped to your city.

Q:   What did Marcos drink to get poisoned on day 2?
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Competition closes January 16.

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remember the competition to win an early digital copy of Utopian Circus is running until January 31.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

A Rising Fall Synopsis


A Rising Fall is a philosophical/ dystopian love story centered around the protagonist; Marcos and his wife; The Woman who lead a small society of children, women, philosophers and scientists in an abandoned industrial assembly plant ten years after the blackout; when the ages of oil, industry and information ground to a halt.
In three days, an epic journey will unfold through a web of suspicion, treason, song and dance, cruel scientific experiments, storytelling, sadistic scientists, petulant generals, cold and distant lovers and of course the odd glass of Poitin.

After a century of dehumanisation, technological dependence and mal-communication, humanity lost its empathy. At the end of the age of oil, the engines stopped. At the end of the age of information, identity stopped and in the age of famine, mankind stopped. 

Nature had removed the empathy gene from man, the gene that preserves existence linking man to man, man to nature and man to god. Without the gene, women could no longer bond with their new born children. Unable to lactate, unwilling to care, the mothers left their infants to starve to death and the depletion of human production began.

The Collective, led by Marcos, occupy downtown and pacify the potentially violent and unpredictable Famined by feeding them information to quiet the hunger in their minds much like an apocalyptic methadone clinic. Inside the Nest they work to re-learn the empathy gene with the children they collect from the streets and the Child Markets.

In the days leading to the fall of the Nest, Marcos and his lover; The Woman, start to delve into delusion and dream, thinking they are falling into famine. His suspicion will unravel a treason that will set in motion, the fall of one idea for the betterment of another, as begins the march towards a new frontier, towards the city of light and sound, towards New Utopia.

And he will sing unto the crowd: “Love as one” and the crowd will chant: “Live as you love”. 


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

A Rising Fall First Chapter

He was sure his arm was broken. The pain from the blow coursed from his elbow through to his fingertips. His legs too were beginning to give way now. They ached courageously and they were so heavy. Each step made a mile of its own and the inevitability of collapse was beckoning. Still he threw off any and all ideas of stopping.
On he rushed through the mangled weave of broken cement, ripping skin on plates of loose gravel and broken glass. On he rushed, never wincing for a second, swallowing; in every shallow breath, the agonizing defeat echoing through every fibre of his body. On he rushed, unsure of whom or what it was that hounded his piles of footsteps. On he rushed, certain of his uncertainty but unwilling to challenge his paranoia. On he rushed and he never lost pace.
He moved through the maze of concrete structures with a comfortable ease and an unsettled feeling of familiarity. He knew every brick that lay strewn in his path and given time, on any other day; without the shadow of death creeping upon his own, he could tell you exactly how and why it was that each brick came into being and its being where it was; its purpose before the blackout and its purpose now.  None of this now though, for now is pressing.
The fractured cement beneath his feet governed his stride and his knowledge of every fissure meant that the probability of coming unstuck and losing his rhythm was far less than whatever was on his trail, sweeping him from his feet and devouring him under this choking black sky. On he rushed through the narrow street, his feet heavy, his mind light. The endless night; beleaguering his sight and his mind; was of no assurance to him at all, for on his scent was neither man nor beast. He was running from darkness itself.
The streets narrowed further now so his hands; outstretched, could run against the walls of the structures that stood unconvincingly to his left and to his right, on the path set before him and of those out of sight. His fingers and his toes urged him in a way that his eyes and ears could not.
His left arm swung in a lifeless fashion, catching on exposed nails that lined the walls of these archaic structures. He could pull this limb to his body with his right arm but it would be frivolous and counterproductive. Until this rush subsided, his right arm was his navigator and his left merely a counterweight. The searing pain of tearing skin and broken bones paled in comparison to the suffocating fear that galvanized his perpetual stride.
His fingertips manoeuvred laboriously across the crumbling brick work feeling for a shape he could recognise. The pounding of footsteps in his wake reverberated not in his ears, but in his consciousness. The air was completely still; a heavy blanket of nothingness.
If yesterday’s mathematicians were still counting today they would calculate that this environment is zero divided upon itself. As has always been, an asphyxiating toxic black cloud flowered from the heavens down to his feet. No light or sound could penetrate yet on he rushed.
And his pace quickened; a familiar shape. Now count steps he thought. “Sixteen, left, seventeen, right; left foot will slip towards a crevice. Hold firm in the crevice, spring to the right, twenty eight degrees inclination.”
His foot slipped just as he predicted sliding into a crevice but just as he moved to deflect into the opening to his right, something small and agile latched itself to his left calf. He entered the small opening yanking hard on a rusted chain as he dashed through. Behind him the opening vanished, as did the beast that was attached to his leg. He lay silent and discreet, foetal in the centre of the room.
Now that he was still, he could feel the pain from his left arm pulsating throughout his every being. ‘Safe’, he thought, as long as he remained still, and so he held onto his suffering. A marching procession moved pass the blocked entrance, their thunderously stampeding footsteps came loud, and then fell silent. Neither man nor beast had lost his scent. Not one, not the other, but an execrable amalgamation of the two.
His breath though hollow at first began to take shape, and with it, not a sensation of calm but one of calming washed over him like a stream of cold ale on a drunkard’s beard. It impregnated his blood and spawned at his fingertips, his digits twitching rapidly, surpassed only by the incapacitation of his heaving lower limbs. “Dese legs o mine” he thought, “Dey take anchor witout order. Dey listen not ta command but instead determine dis immediate state o misdirection. Damn dese insubordinate limbs. If I could do witout em, I’d be witout hunger, if just for one more day.” He thought of this rebellion, and he obeyed. Still and stupid, he sat in absolute silence.
“Girl” he said, wavering his head and right arm towards a crevice in the darkest black of the room.
“We have to move” he followed, choking on his own breath, the silence begotten only by the screeching of two pieces of rusted metal turning on one other as the hinges of a nearby cupboard hath said upon the world, “A secret in thine womb seeks absence of thee.”
A tiny hand slipped from the darkness into the sight of the man who in a moment jumped to his feet, yanking on the frail arm and taking with him, the young girl in his flight. Run, run, run chanted mind to foot.
“Don’t look back” the man urged to the young girl.
The man’s hand clenched unyieldingly around the young girl’s dragging her through a darkly invisible landscape of charred concrete. The beads of sweat that ran from their foreheads to their eyes stung wildly but it didn’t fault their pace or direction.
On they rushed, through the blanket of black sky that abounded them. On they rushed, vomiting as their breaths gave way to the tremendous waves of bile. Foot after foot, print by print, they weaved and dodged their way down a corridor of decomposing buildings; the man focused on a shadowy image far in the deep-set of his conscience, a destination of sorts.
On they rushed and a horde of footsteps rushed with them until they could rush no more. A great structure, a formidable sight; as high as the out stretch of night, beckoned their freedom and fraught their sight.
Stopped. Breathing heavily. Turned over upon themselves. Gripping their heaving chests. Exhausted. Beaten. Exposed. Frightened. Coughing violently and disgorging the vulgarity of screams that drowned out the silence and calm in everything. They could rush no more.

Fire, then filled the sky.


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

A Rising Fall Musical & Competition

The links below are for the accompanying musical to the CITY trilogy, the first part being of course A Rising Fall.

All music was written, composed and engineered by Adam James Keane at Survival Studios in Perth Western Australia during a chaotic personal period during 2005.

CITY:aliteraryconcerto (A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus, iCannibal) novels were based entirely on this piece of audio. The story morphed considerably through my own changing philosophical eye and through the influence of my adopted city Sâo Paulo after I moved here in 2007.

A Rising Fall (theme track)

Devil's Blood (from iCannibal)

At the end of the day (from A Rising Fall)

Ring Tone Society / Rock Dreams / 21st Century Symphony (from A Rising Fall)

DeDMeN Anthem, Our Broken Spirit, New Utopia

iCannibal (theme track)

Music/Composition/all instruments & programming / engineering - Adam James Keane
Backing Vocals - C. Sean Mcgee  (A Rising Fall)
Lyrcis & Themes - Adam James Keane and C. Sean McGee (A Rising Fall)

Download the complete album here:

Download City Musical via Pirate Bay

*** the torrent is for a coplete discography and reads Hypercenter discography.
       simply choose the files you wish to download. City Musical is named DeDMeN Trilogy.***

Coming Soon:   Rapidgator and Rapidshare links for City Musical Trilogy

A Rising Fall limited edition paperback copies on sale Jan 2013


Coming Soon:
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Coffee and Sugar                      June 2013
Oh Culto !                                December 2013
iCannibal                                  March 2014
John the Monster                      June 2014
Perplexing Short Stories           December 2014


Win - Digital copies (epub,mobi&pdf) of Utopian Circus one month before global release
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How - 1) Answer this question - What wrong would a father do, to teach a god how to love again?
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First 2 entries who answer the question creatively and also follow 2 of above profiles win a signed paperback copy of A Rising Fall and receive Utopian Circus digital one month before global release.

A Rising Fall Cover 

Dedication Page

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

CITY:aliteraryconcerto Overview (from A Rising Fall Book Proposal)

What sacrifice, to conceive a dream; when all you leave behind, is all you’ll ever be?

If there were no light, would you dare to look within yourself? If there were no sound, would you even recognise the shrill of fright in your own voice? And if the Industry stopped, whose faith would you subscribe to; if not your own? At the end of the age of information; will you even know yourself?

A Rising Fall is the first book in a dystopian trilogy entitled City:aliteraryconcerto. The story starts ten years after the blackout as a group of humans struggling to fight off a conscious famine, try to re-learn empathy to save humanity in an old industrial assembly plant. In 3 days; feigned affection, deception and a black heart will take them further into the repression of their own fears in search of unconditional love.

The City Concerto through literary prose; answers one question: To what lengths would a father go and what horrible wrongs would he do, to teach a god how to love again?

Following the theme of a concerto, City is divided into three parts; A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus and I, Cannibal. Each book is then divided into three pieces and with A Rising Fall, each piece refers to a day; the three days leading to the fall of their city.

The trilogy illustrates the human emancipation from three states of love; Eros, Philos and Agape as each is torn apart under the guise of well intention as humanity; now void of identity in the wake of a century of dehumanising dependence and necessity upon industry and digital technology; has separated itself from the labour of its existence, aborting empathy and setting in place the death of mother nature. Yet, on the verge of extinction; mankind presses on; towards salvation; towards the city of light and sound; towards New Utopia

Much like the dystopian classics Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty Four, the City trilogy attempts to untangle a grand lie that has been caught up in the colourful thread of a truth, painted through the mind of a philosopher and thinker whose detachment from society and industry helped him to envision its inevitable direction.

The City Trilogy approaches the concept of industrialised dehumanisation by exploring current polemic states such as man’s empathetic and obsessive link to digital technology, branding, plastic surgery, social networking and a fear of nature which emulates in the current global controversy in the rise of unnecessary Caesarean births by production line hospitals. 

The story paints the ‘what ifs’ in the effect that such industrial dependence would play on the human genome; purporting life as an efficient production as opposed to a natural creation; that when nature is removed from the equation, what would happen if the industry stopped? Who would mother humanity?

Heads up for Smashwords epub edition errors

***If anyone has come from Smashwords, the version created by their converter is showing off text. Randomly, the text is smaller and of a different type set. It looks horrible and I have emailed the etch dept there to confirm if they have a bug in their system.

In creation of the file for smashwords all guidelines were followed to suit their conversion methods.

If you downloaded an epub from smashwords and you had this problems follow any of the following links to download a more appropriate version created by myself using Calibre software.

I apologise for anyone who took the time to download the Smashwords version. I checked it on my wife's ipad and it looked horrendous. If you downloaded an epub and it looked fine on your player, let me know. Also if you downloaded a mobi or even pdf from smashwords, let me know how it looked. I am blind on this end and I don't want an ugly finish.

Thanks guys. It's been a great start to free art. A Rising Fall has been dowloading steadily through Pirate Bay, Rapid Gator, Rapid Share, Smashwords and Scribd.

When I return to work on Jan 2nd, I will recommence work on Coffee and Sugar & look to complete by February hopefully with some intense writing. Then I plan to have Utopian Circus edited and artwork done by March 2013. Only a couple of more months. The second book is pure philosophical fantasy. Lot's of creepy new characters and head bending rhymes.

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Love as One. Free Art - Just a writer's voice and your conscious ear.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Competition: Utopian Circus & A Rising Fall signed paperback

Want to be the first globally to read Utopian Circus?

Answer this question creatively and you will be one of the few lucky people to be sent the book directly to your inbox up to one month before it goes live for the rest of the world.

QUESTION:  What wrong would a father do, to teach a god how to love again?

Send your responses to:

This competition will run through January 2013.

The first two creative responses will win a signed paperback print copy of A Rising Fall.

The paperback version is strictly limited to 250 copies. Don't miss this opportunity to have zero and one on your shelf.

WIN - Utopian Circus one month before the rest of the world
            A Rising Fall ebook and Paperback, sent to your city.

Answer the above question & add yourself to 1 of the following links;

First two entries get the signed paperback. I'm poor, i can't afford to ship more.

All entries sent into competition receive Utopian Circus one month before its global release.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee
@cseanmcgee  (city musical by Adam james Keane)

Coming Soon:
Utopian Circus
Coffee and Sugar
Oh Culto !
iCannibal (book 3)
John the Monster (a children's fable for consenting adults)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Tis better a story be a thousand times told than a single times sold

- C. Sean McGee

Download A Rising Fall for free in epub, mobi and pdf from:

Smashwords  -
Rapidshare    -
                                           Epub  - Download epub version here from Rapidshare

                                           PDF  Download PDF version here from Rapidshare

                                           Mobi   -  Download Mobi version here from Rapidshare

The Piratebay  -                  ALL - Download torrent for epub, mobi and pdf formats for all devices here from The Pirate bay

For more torrents, search 'hypercenter666' user and access torrents for my written work & musical projects

Coming Soon:  all free digital uploads

Utopian Circus (book 2 in City trilogy)     -    March 2013  
Coffee and Sugar                                     -    August 2013
Oh Culto !                                               -    2014
iCannibal (book 3 in City trilogy)              -    2014
John the Monster                                     -    2014

Free Art for the digital globe

Take Risk and Take Care

C. Sean McGee
@cseanmcgee  (access the CITY musical by Adam James Keane)

Coming Soon: Utopian Circus

Coming Soon in 2013:              Utopian Circus

After the success of A Rising Fall free download, Utopian Circus; book 2 in the philosophical dystopian trilogy, will be uploaded for free in epub, mobi and pdf format early 2013.

Download A Rising Fall here:

Epub  - Download epub version here from Rapidshare

PDF  Download PDF version here from Rapidshare

Mobi   -  Download Mobi version here from Rapidshare

ALL - Download torrent for epub, mobi and pdf formats for all devices here from The Pirate bay

Once work has been completed on Coffee and Sugar, I will edit and complete artwork for Utopian Circus and upload to The Pirate Bay for curious cats to enjoy.

Keep tuned and have an honest holidays.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Thursday, December 20, 2012


You can follow me now on Twitter also.
The conversions were inevitable.


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Math Equation for today

MATH:   H = F - L

Hindsight = Foresight minus Insight

brought to you by professor C. Sean McGee

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


1)   Buy the digital version for US$1 from Amazon Kindle Shop here

2)  Download .epub and .mobi versions for free here

AR1S1NGFALL is now available for free for a limited time on digital formats.

if you want to support my art, you can buy the digital verison from Kindle store for US$1
AR1S1NGFALL will be uploaded to iBooks in coming days (click link 1)

You can download .mobi and .epub versions of the book from The Pirate Bay for free.
I am not concerned with money. My joy of creating is in the creating not in the marketing, so the art is yours to enjoy for free. Spread it to your friends, be affected and affect others. Love as One, Live as you Love.
(click link 2)

Or you can go the extra mile and buy a copy of the limited pressing paperback (250 copies) which will be ready to ship in January 2013. Payments can be made thorugh PalPay, PagoSeguro, Western Union and hidden in envelopes.

US$15 & shipping
AUS$15 & Shipping

Books ship from São Paulo, Brazil.

All money from the selling of the paperback go directly to self publishing book 2 in the series, Utopian Circus which is complete and awaiting editing and publishing.

independant art is impossibel without you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coffee and Sugar - 41,000 words

halfway through looks like a lot of words. Expect the self loathing and panic to arrive in 20,00 more words.

Coffee and Sugar @ 41,000 words & still just stretching its feet.

C. Sean McGee

Coming Soon:                                 RELEASE DATE:                               STATUS:

A Rising Fall (AR1S1NGFALL)    -  Jan 2013  - Pre-order now           -  being printed

Utopian Circus                              -  July 2013                                     -  awaiting self publishing
Coffee and Sugar                         -  December 2013                           -  in production
Coffee Tales                                 -  December 2013                           -  commence May 2103
Culto                                              - June 2014                                    -  commence Oct 2013
iCannibal                                       -  December 2014                           -  commence Apr 2014
Hypercenter Story                        -  June 2015                                    -  commence  December 2014

A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus and iCannibal make up the dystopian trilogy CITY:aliteraryconcerto

You can pre-order copies of A Rising Fall now. First pressing is limited to 250 copies. A truly independent art venture.

Download a free teaser of the book from
This torrent features:

A Rising FALL teaser (first 100 pages of the novel)

Poetry - Ranging from infantile teenage poetry to some recent works (nothing from this recent creative spark though. Most of my recent poetry can be found inside my books. I have been exploring the joy of nursery rhymes, though with adult philosophy and themes)
Short Stories -  5 or so short stories which are more like structured story like poems. Literary fiction for those that like to sing when they read. The folder features one story taken from A Rising Fall - Jonathon and The Collector that i decided to also package separate. It is an adults nursery rhyme. Also the short story "Return on Investment" which ideally is an add on piece to the CITY trilogy, referring to the dystopian city described in the second book in the trilogy.

To pre-order A Rising fall or contact me direct, email:

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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