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Any woman who claims she has less basic rights than a man has never been a father fighting for custody of their children.

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London When it Rains

71,100 words  Dystopian Fiction

On the eve of a bloody secular coup, an old man will come to terms with his murderous obsessions; but will he ever find peace?

Paperback coming soon.......

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Here you can find links to download novels by C.SeanMcGee

C.SeanMcGee does not blog, tweet,update, downdate, outdate, hashtag or insta-anything. HIs social skills are quite poor. Here you will find links to download his novels for free and nothing more. 

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Ineffable - free ebook

"The book starts of with a grotesque group of deformed circus people who come to a grey town that is living under a curse. At first, I thought I knew where this was leading, i.e. the colourful troupe being the salvation of the town. But, no... The first part of the book ends with a bang (literally) and completely shifts the story to a psychedelic celestial plane. From there on it gets really psychedelic, with alternative dimensions and even a time loop. However, if you bear with it, it leads to an end that puts the beginning of the book in a completely different light. Highly recommended for people who do not mind their literature to be tough to chew and want something more than a straightforward story!"

- Jo Depreitere Goodreads 5 Stars


“Light, as it were, is but a current in the vast ocean of time.”

Under a black starless sky, a troupe of ragged freaks and performers - led by the perverse and enigmatic Ringmaster - makes its way into a town disparaged by death and disease, intent on curing the sadness, suffering and infirmity of its inhabitants with Light.

**cover art "Lé Fête" by Mario Duplantier -

Inspired by the album DEMON by the band GAZPACHO

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It's a hell of a thing, to say the least, when an artist/musician you admire sends you a picture of your book about to be read.

Ineffable is available to buy on paperback here:
Free eBook (mobi, epub, pdf) -
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