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New Project

The eBook cover for my first novel AR1S1NGFALL (from the trilogy CITY:aliteraryconcerto)

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A Rising Fall is the first book in a philosophical dystopian trilogy that seeks to answer one question. what terrible wrongs would a father do to teach a god how to love again?

First pressing of paperback is in extremely limited numbers.
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Respect is earned by effort not by age; all things age without effort

- C. Sean McGee (₢2012 AR1S1NGFALL)


Every truth is born a lie

- C. Sean McGee (₢ 2012 AR1S1NGFALL)


Man is to god as dog is to man

- C. Sean McGee (₢ 2012 Utopian Circus)


Poor is to rich as rich is to imagination

- C. Sean McGee (₢2012 iCannibal)

Somber Note

What sacrifice to conceive a dream; when you leave behind is all you'll ever be

No Standing Any Time

Hello there you wandering other. I have arrived at my point of terminalis. 7 hour stop over in a corporate whitewash. Tell me something about you. Say something revealing through the tone of clarity. Today I; am found by myself, wading in the resilient tide of finality. No longer shall I disguise my needs as an urgency to disregard the relevance of standing stern on both feet, gripping the shore with eyes firmly tuned to the horizon. No longer shall I have to witness the breaks in light that then become day unto night. My needs are still, as with the waiting tide. They do not suffocate my pours and filter into my soul. They leave. They leave clarity.
I will be looking for you and it will be easier for me to find you now.
- Now that we are still, - Now that we move only to the steps of our feet, - Now that we agree with ourselves, - Now that we are still.
Standing in one place in body and mind, never fluctuating through the tides, we are no longer conditioned as being coarse and unres…

Depression XVI: The Victor who Fails

An innocent betrayal,  my own so frail,  I bathed in misery.  The scars that I hide,  as I crawl deep inside,  the insanity that is me. 
Shadow my world, it's sick and it hurts,  I'm bearing these scars just for you.  I'm burdened with loss,  disgrace and disgust;  open my wounds just for you. 
So challenge my will,  my impiety stills,  the words lost in your head.  The unseen pain,  I mark you again,  "Feed me 'till I am Dead"

A Rising Fall Blog

For a direct link to my latest project; A Rising Fall, a dystopian love story set at the end fo the age of information, visit this blogspot link:


A young man stares into his reflection, And sees an old man looking back. Where did the time go, he wonders? And how did we ever lose track? Is this the same person? That amounts to wondrous things? How long did we spend dreaming? Is this reflection really as it seems? Who are you old man? I’ve seen you in times before. Is this, the face that greets me? The mask I always wore? The young man drops his stare, And moves towards the door. The boy he thought he was, He can recognize no more.


The Investor groaned mournfully as he turned in his final stage of sleep. His old body had felt every second of time that had passed and he had aged beyond the whishings of any man. He had spent the night running through his mind, all of his days that he had spent and in his broken sleep he had played out the theatre of his life; every choice he ever made and the weight of those choices that he carried with him and one in particular of whose weight he could bear no more. The final groan as he broke into conscious struggle; a weary aging chord, dissipated through the air on a cold grey August morning; as every morning had been and every morning would be and as life is; a production of The Industry. As he dragged his legs over the edge of the bed and leaned his tired body forward; sucking in the cold air, his lungs expelled a thick clump of phlegm and he started his morning with a low heavy cough that soon built into a tearful wheeze as he fought desperately for ever…