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I picture myself standing on some vacant tranquil beach. The sea is calm and what little movement there is, laps at my naked feet. There is not a cloud in sight, and a realisation beckons to me that mine are the only footprints to have ever touched this shore. I am as I have always been; alone, yet for the first time in my existence, I am privy to company.

Though I cannot see her, I know she stretches far from my reach and I can feel her every tear in each consecutive drop of water that cleanses my skin. She comes to me first as a child, laying discreetly in the shadowy confines of a dank midnight cellar. Her breath is light and her eyes are transfixed on an infinitesimal fracture in the darkness, where the cellar door meets the neighbouring stairs. The unbroken light is a temporary figure of surety meaning there is no-one above the stairs. There shall be no visitors in the coming seconds. Her eyes dare not flinch should she miss what could be a warning dressed in the shadow of her fa…