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Inspiration - Jeff Buckley

"A second for one, it can seem like a year, while a time for another it can just disappear. For what we can measure is how much that we give into every breath of the life that we live" 

- The Creepy Old Man - Utopian Circus


And oh how this man, Jeff Buckley, lived inside of every single breath. We should be this passionate about every one of our breaths. About the kisses we lay on the lips of our lovers, so that their skin tingles and their neck shivers. And of our children - that they may fill out and abate the deflation of our souls and of our hearts as our own breath crackles under the weight of our dessiccated skin. For in the desert of man, under the folds of his skin, buried beneath the polite residue of time, lays curled in bonds of obedience, a breathless child, disguised as a man and waiting his turn to die.

Speak, live and love as if you are not just passing time but that you have awoken inside of it.

take risk and take care,


Tuesday, November 05, 2013


in your sáre moments, check out the page of a dear frined of mine who actually blogs, unlike this misapproproated stylings of mine.

His name is Slade and he is currently somehwere in a hut in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, drinking poisoned fluids, hallucinating and vomiting profusely.

This was an honest read. Can't help but get drawn in a circle about things i should be saying myself.

take risk and take care,


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The Free Art Collection - PAPERBACK - Strange Literary Fiction by C. Sean McGee


PAPERBACK versions of The Free Art Collection



A Rising Fall is the first book in a dystopian trilogy entitled City:aliteraryconcerto. The story starts ten years after the blackout as a group of humans struggling to fight off a conscious famine, try to re-learn empathy to save humanity in an old industrial assembly plant. In 3 days; feigned affection, deception and a black heart will take them further into the repression of their own fears in search of unconditional love. 


Through the charred wreckage of one man’s philosophy, an adventure into conscious delusion and dark dystopian fantasy begins as the survivors of The Nest find themselves on three paths where each will endeavor to rein their conscious minds to grasp the philosophy of existence and abate the shackles of conscious Famine as they march onwards towards New Utopia.

On one path, Marcos, having woken naked and amnesic at the scorn of ancient women whose immortality derives from the wearing of young girl’s faces like decorative dresses; is chased through a dense wilderness for the face that he wears whilst drifting in and out of conscious Famine, giving a glimpse into The City that was, one of obligation and Infant Industries.

On the second path, in The Kingdom of the Hound, Ruff the dog is awoken to conscious debate, rationalizing and philosophizing with an ostentatious small Chihuahua called The Bitch Queen over the nature of unconditional love as he fights to save the lives of his human friends from being gamed by savage hounds and monolithic boars. 

While on a third path, The Woman will unravel, through conscious delusion, the true extent of her repressions and her loveless abandon as a young girl; Safrine, through childish rhyme, is challenged by a creepy old man into a game of coloured cubes to save her two companions from the effect of The Famine


An unconventional take on unconditional love


This is the story of Joao, an uninspiring country boy who moves to a slum in the city with his drunken, violent, preacher father; The Bishop and falls for amiable prostitute named Charity. 


Based on the Nietzsche proverb - 'he who fights monsters mights take care lest he become a monster'
This is the story of Christine and the day she grew a penis.


The end of the world is nigh and only one man can stop the coming apocalypse. Shane MacGowan has the ultimate weapon; the greatest song ever written and to save the world, his mammy and Teresa he just has to remember how it feckin goes. 



Rock Book Volume II: Dark Side of the Moon. Set to the music and lyrics and music of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, this is the story of Theodore the disenfranchised rabbit; working tirelessly on the moon to dig a hole from one side to the other to let the sun through; playing in a mundane rock band and having sex rampantly but without much zest. 

ALEX AND THE GRUFF (a tale of horror)

This is the tale of a polite and well-mannered boy named Alex who; after being abducted by a pedophile, develops an incredible bond with an angry and foul mouthed doll called The Gruff who teaches young Alex how to find his voice.

When Alex wakes bound in a wooden coffin to manic cursing and abusing, he finds something he’d never imagined having, a true friend. In the days that follow, a small oddly tempered doll called The Gruff will teach Alex how to say no, how to sharpen his claws and how to kill a man. 

And a triangle of deception will leave Alex wondering who the real victim is.

Based on real events and explores the philosophical theme of the effect of the domestication of children through mannerly learning and poses the premise that 'politeness is the discipline of abuse'. 


The Terror{blist} is an ironic and dark humoured short story that examines the masculinization of idealism and the probable effect of the contrary. In a well of depression, Gavin, quits his telemarketing job and joins a group of radical idealists. In the days leading to his act of terror, a typo has all news stations emasculating the acts of his terror group. Thinking he will be remembered forever as someone less than a man, Gavin ponders the things that men do.

"Real Men Wear Vests"

Download the digital version free and access discount codes 

for buying the paperbackk versions from HERE

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee
CSM Publishing
The Free Art Collection ₢2013

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