Inspiration - Jeff Buckley

"A second for one, it can seem like a year, while a time for another it can just disappear. For what we can measure is how much that we give into every breath of the life that we live" 

- The Creepy Old Man - Utopian Circus


And oh how this man, Jeff Buckley, lived inside of every single breath. We should be this passionate about every one of our breaths. About the kisses we lay on the lips of our lovers, so that their skin tingles and their neck shivers. And of our children - that they may fill out and abate the deflation of our souls and of our hearts as our own breath crackles under the weight of our dessiccated skin. For in the desert of man, under the folds of his skin, buried beneath the polite residue of time, lays curled in bonds of obedience, a breathless child, disguised as a man and waiting his turn to die.

Speak, live and love as if you are not just passing time but that you have awoken inside of it.

take risk and take care,



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