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The Hunter - A Stalker's Eye View

Music is so vital to my wiritng process. I write subconsciously in that, a certain song takes me to a dark place in my conscious state where i can focus, feel and then allow my subconsious to speak and write on my behalf. Think / Feel / Speak

It is a torrential and diffiuclt process. 

There is  THE WAY IN

The Way In is Steven Wilson's Harmony Korine. A beautiful and haunting piece. 
Then Down the rabbit hole, there is The ABYSS

Once inside The Abyss, while writing and in conscious focus, I have music or imagery playing on the television beside me, something to resonate the emotion or the gasoline necessary for my subconscious vbehicle to arrive at its destinaton.

The first third of this novel is quite heavy and dark and emotionally fucked up and in my opinion, there is no better artist to take me to this state than Steven Wilson. For the second third, the Get All You Deserve DVD will be replaced by a slideshow of Codex Seraphinius with the final third unknown.
And finally....


The Hunter excerpt

If this is love that you speak of, then give me torture and humiliation and give me fucking ridicule. And please, make me your slave; give me just enough will to dream of my escape and then cripple with your consideration, so I never even try.

THE HUNTER ₢2014 CSeanMcGee

Coming Soon to The Free Art Collection (epub, mobi, deluxe pdf, paperback)

The Hunter excerpt

He could feel time; he could feel it in the cracking of his bones and he could feel it in the void in his masculinity. And he could hear time too; he could hear it in the excuses that he gave to his lover and in the aggravating silence that ensued.

THE HUNTER ₢2014 CSeanMcGee

Coffee and Sugar review

REVIEW: Coffee and Sugar PLATFORM: Goodreads REVIEWER: Jo Depreitere
4 Stars

I made myself a fan of C. Sean McGee a week ago and with this book he again proves why. The way he succeeds in describing intrinsicly banal items in a intriging way and also his philosophical musings hit the correct spot in my brain. The concept of the boy Joao who can experience peoples lives while he makes a prefectly tuned coffee for their souls is brilliant in its simplicity. Mixed with the naivity of Joao's world view, the desperating lives of the people on the hill, the streetwise observations of Fatts (I couldn't help smirking with the concept of the 51 percenters!) and the chemistry between Joao and Charity, this makes for a must-read book. The end hit me as a sledgehammer, though... (but I hate happy endings anyway)

Haven't read it yet? Download your free ebook here: (epub, mobi, deluxe pdf)

Download ebook here (epub, mobi deluxe pdf)
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The Hunter -- Charge: Harmony Korine by Steven Wilson


THE HUNTER is an infinite fractal exposition of the mathematics of Agape (Unconditional Love), based entirely on my short story Heaven is Full of Arseholes. The story is divided into 3 evolutions: Negation, Ridicule and Acceptance. Charged entriely by the song Harmony Korine by Steven Wilson (from the album Iinsurgentes), the first evolution (Negation - Eros) is an emotionally torrid introduction as a young couple deal with the iminent release of Korrine, their 3 year old daughter from a psychiatric clinic whilst struggling to maintain the truth, vested in denial.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

The Hunter

And it wouldn’t be long now.
Until that thread frayed.
Until, neath her loitering stare, 
It all came undone.
And she knew.
But she couldn’t help herself.
It was just a thing.
And things, well they could be tricky to get a hold of.

THE HUNTER ₢2014 C. Sean McGee

Writing has begun for THE HUNTER, the next Free Art Collection release. A complete reworking of Heaven is Full of Arseholes. A larger fractal if you will, examing the same idea in grander more splendid detail.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee