Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coffee and Sugar review

REVIEW: Coffee and Sugar
PLATFORM: Goodreads
REVIEWER: Jo Depreitere

4 Stars

I made myself a fan of C. Sean McGee a week ago and with this book he again proves why. The way he succeeds in describing intrinsicly banal items in a intriging way and also his philosophical musings hit the correct spot in my brain.
The concept of the boy Joao who can experience peoples lives while he makes a prefectly tuned coffee for their souls is brilliant in its simplicity. Mixed with the naivity of Joao's world view, the desperating lives of the people on the hill, the streetwise observations of Fatts (I couldn't help smirking with the concept of the 51 percenters!) and the chemistry between Joao and Charity, this makes for a must-read book. The end hit me as a sledgehammer, though... (but I hate happy endings anyway)

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**warning: this book has been described quite frankly as 'wordy' so if you do prefer your novels without words, I would recommend not undertaking this experience.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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