Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Part of my emotional restoration. This is one of those books that I always return to. That and instructional videos for instruments I cannot play. Defragmentation is absurdity emobossed in necessity.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Olá Stalkers,

I have taken some time off writing, for a few months or so. i need to collect more gasoline for the next story and i am undertaking a heck of a thing with my family uprooting from the city and moving to a country city that we have never been to or seen and with no work lined up for myself whatsoever. Something like this requires a deal of focus and positive energy. Thus I can't afford to immerse myself in another project, considering everything I write is so murky and turbulent emotionally. i can't be there. Not for the next few months.

Next year will see the continuation of The Free Art Collection though i will be focusing more on works to catch the glimmer of agents and publishers.

the next project will be Oh Culto !
I like forward to the experience fo writing and living the fragility and metamorphisis of a lady. Planned for sometime next year will be book 3 in the CITY trilogy I, Cannibal.

I expect I, Cannibal to take at least 6 months to write, a great deal more than the typical 1-2 months for 90K projects. So next year, there will be less stories but each will be filled with my typical light of disparity.

So that's it. And if you know anyone in your countrywho wants Skype english classes, send them here


This is my work. It pays my bills. It allows me to write and give books for free. And I'm fuckiing great at it.

That's it.

There are 9 stories in the first Free Art Collection birth. 9 novels written and published in 9 months. Download them in the link below 9epub, mobi, deluxe pdf / torrents and direct download)

take risk and take care,


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