Thursday, January 31, 2013


In a deconstructive place with writing.

too much done in such a short space as far as book design, torrent making, uploading, promoting and shit.

Hit a brick wall walking back into Coffee and Sugar.

No lack of creativity. I can see everything playing in my mind.

The faucet is broken.

Nothing spilling onto the paper.



Teach - Gym - Eat - Teach - Write - Teach - Write - Teach - Write - Teach - f\amily - Run with Dogs -Sleep

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am so very tired.

Coffee doesn't work like it used to.

I want to stop.

But I can't.

I am a serial writer.

This has to have an end.

Take me away and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Deluxe PDF - HIFOA

Spent the morning buried in InDesign creating the deluxe pdf version of Heaven is Full of Arseholes.

Download DELUXE PDF here:

Another release from the FREE ART COLLECTION from CSM Publishing

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Utopian Circus - Release Sale

From today and running through the month of February, Utopian Circus will be available through for a discount price with 60% on the retail price. That's 100% of my profit as a writer going to you, the reader, keeping my initiative of FREE ART.

Just enter this code at the checkout to claim your discount on Utopian Circus and A Rising Fall

60% discount code - UTOPIAN CIRCUS - KR787VGZ

60% discount code - A Rising FallP8A9A9WJ

Utopian Circus Release Update


CLICK HERE __ Access Torrent Files for All eBook Devices (EPUB, MOBI, PDF) via The Pirate Bay


Over 100 torrent files are now streaming from my laptop of A Rising Fall and now Utopian Circus.
The early launch for Utopian Circus has been a success and surpassed my expectations. Torrents are leeching well and seeding excellently. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to seed after getting their copies. Go to The Pirate Bay and download a torrent. It's quick and easy and seeding 24/7.

Keep Free Art in momentum.

Remember there are Paperback copies of Utopian Circus and A Rising Fall available from

A Rising Fall - US$15 - Click here to buy from

Utopian Circus - US$15 - Click here to buy from

Coming in February:

Ultimate Torrent: (epub,mobi,pdf,mp3,flac)
1) A Rising Fall eBook
2) A Rising Fall Album
3) Utopian Circus eBook
4) Utopian Circus Album

A special edition ebook will be created after Coffee and Sugar is complete with both books 1 and 2 of the CITY trilogy bound together. 

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Friday, January 25, 2013

Working cover for Coffee and Sugar

Below is the working cover for Coffee and Sugar, eBook version. This is just a rough idea. It's a holiday here in SP so no writing today, only art work. I have a rule where no writing is done at home where family is the sole priority.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

The winner is.....

Cover for the soon to be released "free art" eBook
Heaven is Full of Arseholes
"an unconventional take on unconditional love"

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Thursday, January 24, 2013

eBook Cover Selection 2 - heaven is full of arseholes

This is take 2 for the cover selection for the soon to be released short philosophical story:

heaven is full of arseholes
"an unconventional take on unconditional love"

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Help: Cover ideas for Heaven is Full of Arseholes

I need your help. Below are several covers I have been working on today for the eBook 'free art' release of Heaven is full of Arseholes, due mid February 2013.

Which cover is most striking? 1,2,3,4,5 or 6?

Working covers for the eBook release of 

Heaven is Full of Arseholes

"an unconventional take on unconditional love"

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Excerpt: Heaven is Full of Arseholes (Act I)

The Headmaster seemed to address little concern to The Father’s plea. His words pulled on her empathetic string with the strength of a grain of sand holding back a hurricane. His look of desperation; which welled in his widening eyes, did little to erode her mount of humiliation that was invisible under the lathered mould of her unstrained expression; that sticks and stones stare of a trained professional that she wore like her favourite blouse. 

Excerpt - HEAVEN IS FULL OF ARSEHOLES  ₢2013 C. Sean McGee

The above is an excerpt from the short story I am writing entitled Heaven is Full of Arseholes, a fractal take on agape (unconditional love). I have taken time off from finishing the second half of Coffee and Sugar to prepare Utopian Circus for its March 1 launch as a free eBook and also in paperback print format.

This is common for me, to stop at the halfway point and write a 8-10,000 word short story just because my focus requires it.

2 days of writing so far on this story and the Act I is completed. Should finish Act II & III before the end of February. It will be ready for free download as epub, mobi and pdf before March 1.

FREE ART - Coming Soon - Utopian Circus - March 1 - free eBook & Paperback (US$15)

Take Risk and Take Care,

C.. Sean McGee

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On: Debunking Popular Coined Expressions

All Children are Miracles

This should be looked at in two ways: 1) in regards to the nature of things
                                                          2) as a return on investment

1) The Nature of Things -

To propose all life as a miracle is to assume that the concept of conception through to carrying, developing and eventually birthing a child is inherently dangerous, more so perilous to the life of the carrier.

All children are miracles means that every pregnancy is expected to fail and every birth is a rare undiagnosed condition quite rightly worthy of more than brief light celebration. This type of event should be in print. It shouldn't be whispered but yelled in awe, painted in the eardrums of anyone who will listen, for everyone needs to hear, "we defied nature once again, another child was born".

With this in mind; that all children are miracles, if some poor lady was to lose her infant during carriage or during labour the death of that child; being expected, would not be a tragedy but instead a repeated insignificant event. In fact, in many cases (as humans attribute their cerebral reward in the event of expectation), the carrier would in fact feel relieved that the outcome she had planned came true, that the infant did not live full term or in the case of death during labour, that the thrill was kept until the final moment.

To say that all children are miracles is to say that the death of your child is not a tragedy. It is normal.

2) A Return on Investment -

In the nature of industry, life has been proposed through the guise of science to separate itself from the timely narcissus of mother nature. This topic is proposed and storied in the CITY trilogy, highlighting mankind's disconnection from nature and its abandon of empathy and of course the end effect of this probable situation.
One of the main themes expressed is the fashion of cesarean section births globally, a situation which is at its worst in the fashion conscious and easily manipulated, poorly educated Brazilian population where up to 90% of births occur through C-Section, a stark contrast to the 7% proposed by WHO for acceptable levels. This current dilemma highlights the corporatised manipulation of well intentioned science to industrialise birth, further separating the mother from her child with nature being removed from the equation entirely (actually nature is proposed as a criminal in this state) with Industry key in the centre.

So in the second example we will look at the all children are miracles in an Industrial climate. This for the moment is still preposterous idea and leaves us normalising the tragedies associated with birth and unexpected incidents during pregnancy  Though, there has been an expected increase in the amount of still born children, missacrriages and hemorrhages in recent years and mainly in heavily industrialised cities, an effect one could say of exposure to an unnatural environment; man's desire to manipulate the harmonics of nature to sing his own song and map the stars to construct his own universe, all controlled and contained in the rule of math outlined in the tongues of gods. One can point their finger in any direction, fuels, buzzing electricity grids, mobile phones, aspartame, whey protein, whatever your conspiring mind may trinkle upon.

Regardless, it can be said that in an Industrialised world, infant death is becoming more common but still, when a child is born in the womb, we fear the dangers of industry but we still expect the child to be born unharmed, this is why the tragedy has its emotional resonance.

So, let's be certain here.... for now. Children are not miracles.

take Risk and take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Saturday, January 19, 2013


So it is decided, not by myself, but of greater wisdom defined by my sub conscious.

After completing the design of Utopian Circus (which is in the final phase), instead of returning immediately to    continue the adventures of Joao in Coffee and Sugar, I will take some time off; not to rest but to work on a short story that is burning my cerebral cortex called 'Heaven is Full of Arseholes'.

This is a sweet(ish) story of unconditional love between a distraught father and his son who causes a car crash that kills his young daughter, his loving wife and eventually he and his son.

The philosophy explored in this story will be Agape from a less human perspective.

Most theodolites assume in their righteous stance that Agape (unconditional love) is that of the love between man and god. I propose in this story through examples of Fractal Prose that Agape is expressed as the love of god for man and not vice versa & thus its expressions is repeated countless in nature as a father's love for his son, a conscious for its sub conscious, the rider to the horse and so on. We will explore the first example in this novel and show how regardless what horrible wrongs man can do, he is welcome in heaven.

Bound to offend my theological friends, maybe because I understand the nature of a god more than they and yet i maintain religious abstinence.

This should be completed quite quickly. I intend to write several short stories understanding the fractal nature of the universe and conceptional love. No working title yet.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Utopian Circus Update

A frantic morning, waking up bright and early despite my conscious compass pointing north back at my pillow. The design is draining me, killing me. I am waking up destroyed every day and after every attempt finding some reason to start from scratch again and again. I am determined to see this through.

It really puts your whole piece in perspective when you construct not just the emotive right side of the project but you actually logicalise your brain and assemble the infrastructure and mechanics of the interior design and cover art aside from throwing around ideas in your free floating cerebral canvas.

The project is entirely mine. And through the frustration, the psychotic rages ad tear driven hissy fits trying to learn advanced graphic design in two minutes, I still kept my head, kept zero:one rationale as Marcos or The behemoth would have me put it and I think the end result is pretty good for someone with no technical suave   taking initiative and giving it a go.

Writing stories is so much more enjoyable than this. The new grey hairs in my goatee can attest to this.


Interior Last Page

Chapter Zero

Cover Artwork

As we said, we're still go for the March 1 release date digitally and in print.

Print copies will be on sale at and Create Space

There will be a discount of 45% off the list price for the first two weeks.

More info soon. 

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Friday, January 18, 2013

Music for editing a book

Music that is inflating me through the editing process of Utopian Circus as I re-do the layout over and over and over and slowly grow deaf. I previously expressed the albums that drove me through the writing process so we will see now my drug while i sit entrenched in InDesign getting the layout and artwork done, completely learning everything as i stumble along out of pure bankrupting necessity.

Mr Bungle

John Travolta - Mr Bungle

Steven Wilson - The Raven that Refused to Sing (and other stories)

Steven Wilson & Band - The Holy Drinker recording session

Nick Cave - Let Love In

Nick Cave - Red Right Hand

Utopian Circus is coming along. I will start the cover art tomorrow. March 1 is still a go !!

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Utopian Circus News

So the Interior Layout of Utopian Circus is done.

Amy grammar errors, fix them in your own conscious mind, I'm not trolling this story anymore.

Start the cover art today, hopefully get it done by the end of the day and then print of a running copy to see how it comes together.

On track for the March 1 release date.

Screen Shots of layout for Utopian Circus

About Author Page

Page 1 - Chapter 0

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Math: Why humans and ideology are stupid

Be careful of sides and belonging and well, it doesn't matter which side of the plane you are sitting, there is still only one direction and sway as much as you want, lean all the way to the left or right, but the vehicle is heavier than your ideals and will hold its perpetuation whilst in the air, you are bargained into arguing over whose side has the more distinct view.

I give one warning though, in the play of numbers and most certainly the power of statistics.

one of the most common statistical arguments from the left; one which sound abhorrent and provoking is the statistics relating to thge distribution of wealth.

This argument states that 99% of wealth is situated in the hands of 1% of the population. This sounds catastrophic and makes me feel scorned and a little bit less responsible for my compounding guilt for my increasing credit appendage. I and we imagine 5 or 6 slimy men in fancy suits smoking fine cigars, maybe killing a hooker or two. hey, we all saw Eyes Wide Shut, we know its what the 1% do to get it up.

Now when one applies imple math to this statistic, one will see that in fact 99% of the world's wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population, 700 million people.

Hmmmmmmm.... Not quite as affecting is it?

That 700 million. that's twice the size of The US, six times the size of Brazil and well, 400 times the size of Australia. That 1%, that's you, me and a whole hell of a lot of other people.

But it does look fancy on signs.

This was not a political stance or a fiscal fist. Just an example of how math is used to dumben your sight and have you participate as an angried peacock waving your moral feathers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cerebral Activity

Reason 1 for appreciating the gym: The walk from the gym to my car, the infinity moment where new book ideas spring into mind.

Before finishing Coffee and Sugar (after Utopian Circus launch) I will be writing a short story called: 

"Heaven's Full of Arseholes" - a beautiful account of unconditional love or Agape from a revolutionary perspective.

This short story will join others to make a collection of works called : FRACTALS - The Universe in Shortened Prose

Friday, January 11, 2013

On human evolution, writing books and not blogs and free stuff

In note, I haven't given any time to blogging per se, mainly due to the fact that i am writing and really don't take any breaks in between writing books.

For this reason, my philosophical outpourings, or random understandings are left attended to my students and the characters in my stories.

Normally I would have some wise underpinning to lace upon you that i would not doubt disbelieve in the next breath as the way thought is, organic, in flux; a river of emotive deceit.

So, i admit the title to my blog is rather deceptive. Short stories, poetry and philosophy. You stumbled upon here expecting so much more than what my absence could scrape together like a drunk scratching at his pockets as the drink before him is pulled further from his thirsting lips; in your case, your hungering want, your conscious mouth agape, waiting with the patience of a screaming child by its mother's breast.

Sorry. I don't spend any time writing typical blog writing because well, I am busy writing novels, teaching obsessively, being an adoring and hopefully adores husband, loving and digging my fingers firmly into the dough of my children's creative upbringing, attending to the destructive necessity of my 2 outdoor dogs, attending to the hoppity want of my indoor dog, meeting the emotional and grooming needs of my Persian whilst attending to the needs of the other 3 cats whilst exercising 6 days a week at the gym and running 5-10kms with the dogs to tire their destructive want, much like the want of my young daughter which leaves me with one thought for you; something that befell my reason, the evolution of human as animal.

Infant  -   Cat    (does very little except eat, sleep and poop. Decides to wake up and play at completely inappropriate times to your sleep schedule. Adores your love, when it wants it)

Toddler - Dog  (Can understand basic commands, may need to be repeated many times. If left to its own devices, will destroy everything within reach. Must exercise daily)

Teenager - Sheep (moves in groups and spends its times in empty lots or carparks just 'kick it'. Also has a tendency for 'grass')

Adult  -  Cow (moves only when prodded. Crams itself into trains every morning and every eve so that it can sit stupidly behind a desk where its creative output is milked, packaged, branded and sold offshore. On weekends it appreciates an open field where it chooses to sit in the one spot and do little else. Its freedom is a cage as its creativity; having been milked, offers him little resource in what to do with said freedom, thus he is a bigger meaner version of infant)

So, if you want philosophy and rhyming, two things big kids love; read my books. The digital versions are free. The paperbacks cost money because they are TANGIBLE. At least this is my thinking.

Buy my books on Amazon here - Kindle and Paperback - A Rising Fall

Buy A Rising Fall Paperback here - Worldwide UPS delivery - US$15

Download eBook for FREE here from Smashwords - A Rising Fall

Download Torrent via The Pirate Bay - Book and Album - A Rising Fall

So there you go, you want philosophy, story, rhyme and more, read the book. Buy it or download it free.
It's only complicated if you make it so.
See you in my imagination.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Thursday, January 10, 2013

On Editing Books

Editing is (un)oficially complete for Utopian Circus.
Next prepare the file in Sigil for eReaders & finish eBook art before starting paperback layout. 

Then Convert files to epub then read in hindsight and find more key errors. I find this is always the way the human sees through the last threads of obscurity, looking over one's shoulder. With A Rising fall I found a dozen grammar issues that i overlooked and a key verb that i left out. This lived in the print edition that i self financed. Gives it more character. The key here is story telling, not grammar check.

If you would like good grammar, hire me to be your English teacher. If you want to be affected, read my book and allow me to tell you a story.

But for the sake of not having to provide missing words on a post it with every book, tricking the brain into thinking the product is final and viewing through a tablet is the best way to come across any spelling or grammar issues. Only yesterday I opened A Rising Fall paperback to a page and the first word my eyes saw was the word 'begot' as opposed to 'begat'. The first word i saw. not the first i focused on but literally the first inch of blank that scraped my eye was this mistake. It's the flaws that make the brain and any art and beauty marvelous. 

The POD editions on Amazon and Create Space are perfect. But you just know that, that's not perfect, not for me.

This is homemade publishing and editing at its most unrefined but doable.

Anyway, here are some quotes from Utopian Circus that I amassed during the eiting process:


“Without a gauge to define a limit, how can I possibly extend my reach? Without a defined wrong, how can I possibly determine what is right? And without applause, how do I know when to stop?"
“Is death not enough of a gauge?” 

“Life is not enough of a reward” 

His touch made her desire and her desire made her feel lonely and her loneliness only made her want to touch him more.

I am an ocean away from the sea of content.

As long as he stayed modest in mind; he would sink and drown in a river of stupendous simplicity. 

It was the service of ideals that served as ideal.

The will of one is worth the ill of many.

One and many are but the same number in the division of one’s heart. The loss of one, is no less than the loss many.

Utopian Circus will be released digital for free in March 2013
Print versions will be available through Amazon & Create Space in June 2013

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Monday, January 07, 2013

A Rising Fall Paperback - via CreateSpace

BUY A RISING FALL on PAPERBACK via Secure Internet Now
CreateSpace online store

AMAZON STORE coming in 10 days for US and Europe

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Extract: Sofia (Utopian Circus)

"All I can do is wait; and yearn. O how I yearn. It is such a beautiful word and an intoxicating state; sadness and loving bedding with the want of desire"

- Sofia (Utopian Circus extract)

Coming: March 2013 (free art digital release)

Take Risk and Take Care,

Friday, January 04, 2013

New Releases


A Rising Fall Ltd Ed Paperback Release Sale - **US$5**

RELEASE SALE ********** US$5 plus shipping ************** RELEASE SALE

I collect the 250 limited edition paperback copied of A Rising Fall this afternoon.

RRP for the paperback fetches US$15 plus shipping.

Orders placed from today until the 18th January can buy the ltd ed paperback for US$5 plus shipping.

Payments made through Paypal (all cards accepted), Western Union & PagoSeguro (Brazil)       


Books are shipped from São Paulo and will take up to two weeks for delivery to Australasia, approx one week to the US and one-two weeks to Europe, maximum.

RELEASE SALE   *********** US$5 plus shipping*****************   RELEASE SALE


Shadow the Sites:

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Artwork: Utopian Circus

I've been busy. 28013 means finishing Coffee and Sugar and editing and releasing Utopian Circus (book 2 in the CITY trilogy) and Coffee and Sugar; March and June respectively.

My days are dedicated to teaching English here in São Paulo and writing in between classes. Today was very productive, writing from 8am-1pm. Managed to drop right back in the flow and write and very good 5,000 words. Very productive and a great feeling to be back writing after a one week break promoting A Rising Fall and doing the digital launch of the eBook version.

My nights are balancing the dogs, the cats and the kids and now working on the artwork and editing of Utopian Circus. For anyone who has never written an album or a book, editing is a painful and horrible process of reading the same lines over and over until you can bear it no more, then and only then, have you just begun.

Below is the running artwork for Utopian Circus which should be released digitally in March 2013, once again for free through The Pirate Bay, Smashwords, Scribd, Rapidfire, Rapidgator and more sources and of course there will be a US$1 copy available on Amazon Kindle for those kind souls that want to support my art fiscally.

Until then, this is the running artwork. White on black this time (A Rising Fall - pictured below - was black on white). Makes me wonder where i go for iCannibal the third book in the trilogy; transperancy on grey maybe


A RISING FALL - Available Now (epub, mobi, pdf)

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

A Rising Fall Ltd Edt Paperback - *** SPECIAL SALE ****

Limited Edition Paperbacks for A Rising Fall arrive on Friday and will be ready for shipping the following Monday 7th January.

Copies are selling for US$15 plus shipping

A Rising Fall paperback is limited to 250 copies. No more will be printed after this pressing.

Copies sold will pay for a limited pressing of book 2 in the series Utopian Circus.

Support truly independent art:


limited to 250 copies - US$15 plus shipping

SPECIAL ****Order before the 6th January and pay only US$5 plus shipping*****

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Extract: Preparing The Nervous Lady's coffee (₢2013 Coffee and Sugar)

He dressed himself in her naivety and gazed through her eyes, touching every grain of coffee as his heart touched upon every moment of sorrow that she carried deep in her gut and he looked to, with expecting eyes at every pair of feet that shuffled about on the broken cement outside the window where she sat, waiting for a pair of shiny black loafers with a small silver buckle over the toes to walk past the window, stop in front of the entrance and turn on a five cent piece; like a soldier’s procession, and move into the store where she would follow the feet until they stood upon the tail of her own shadow and as he followed her eyes up the length of the man’s trousers, up to his chest, his heart exploded with hers and her eyes locked upon his and heaven swam at her breast and at this very moment, his fingers picked at each grain of sugar and spent them into the bitter black coffee below and as he pulled himself from his delusion; from her bitter sweet life, Joao calmly watched The Nervous Lady sitting in her chair watching the passage of feet on the broken cement as she had done for the last eight years, seven months and eleven days; waiting for chance to bring love back into her life, and as he watched her, his hands slowly turned the cup back and forth as if he were gently trying to start a fire with a stick and some brush, turning his hands like one of Shakespeare’s witches boiling her brew, until the tiny individual grains of sugar slowly sank into the bitter coffee and found their places, putting themselves were they needed most to be and with a single breath, it was done.

(Extract - Coffee and Sugar ₢2013 C.Sean McGee)

First bit of writing for 2013. Extract from my latest novel that I am working on called Coffee and Sugar. One very long sentence. In this scene, Joao is pouring a coffee for The Nervous Lady, picking grain by grain of coffee and sugar, imagining her bitter memories and her sweet rewards.

take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Extract: Coffee and Sugar

"All understanding equates to a solution"

- The Nervous Lady (Coffee and Sugar extract)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Next book - as yet untitled

As you know I am 50% through my third book entitled Coffee and Sugar.
it is a tale about a young naive country boy who moves to a slum in the city with his violent drunken evangelist preacher father and falls in love with a prostitute named Eve.
This is the story of Joao and his only love, making coffee with sugar.

As always, my mind is fixed on my next project. This one will be very personal. I like to call it a highly fictional auto biography.

It will tell a story of unconditional love told in first person accounts and third person narrative by Sean, a manic depressive writer with a love affair for a needle and his mother, who struggles to deal with her emaciating son.

This book will be inspired by 2 albums, representing the 2 states of the character Sean;


Strapping Young Lad - Detox (official Video)


Jeff Buckley - So Real

Looking strangely forward to this journey.Can't wait to share it with you.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Extract: The Elderly Scientist (A Rising Fall)

The conscious mind is a baby’s rattle, nothing more; a device for distraction; like a pinball machine. Insert the right information and it will bounce around in there fooling the participant into thinking they are doing something; participating.

- The Elderly Scientist  (extract A Rising Fall)

A Rising Fall - Buy for US$1 from Amazon Kindle Store here

Download for free from Smashwords here

Download via The Pirate Bay - A Rising Fall novel (pdf,mobi,epub), A Rising Fall Album (mp3), Poetry & Rhyming, Short Stories

Feliz ano novo - Happy new year everyone.

Remember, coming in March 2013 - book 2 in the City trilogy ----- UTOPIAN CIRCUS
Also, coming in June 2103 is Coffee and Sugar

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee


don't judge a book by it's cover.

So the rule says, but most certainly buy a book by its cover and if not that, then its blurb.

It has been said that the blurb for a writer is more important than their story, why?

because from a marketing perspective, it doesn't matter if your work is utter shit as long as the reader discovers after the purchase. therefore the reader will judge your work on your blurb, 3 lines that entice them to purchase and as long as the sales come in, the reviews will mirror.

Look at iBooks, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble... Lots of predictable artwork and shining blurbs encasing mediocre experiences for the reader. Very few surprises.

A consumer buys a blurb and their expectation i that the story will greatly reflect the 3 lines they had subscribed to.

That kind of sucks. But oh well. I continue without blurbs and without sales.

Love as one, live as you love

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

Extract: On the absence of empathy: proof

Marcos looked close at the dead woman’s breasts and squeezed with his right hand, and he was right, her nipples were cut and bruised from the constant suckling, but they were dry.

- Marcos & The Behemoth in the station (extract: A Rising Fall)

by C. Sean McGee ₢2012

Digital Copies available online now. Strictly limited paperback available January 2013.

Follow link below for torrent download viaa pirate bay:

Torrent contains:
A Rising Fall (epub, mobi, pdf)
A Rising Fall Musical
          tracklist:  1) Dedmen Anthem, Class of 2025, Dead Memories, New Utopia
                        2) Ring Tone Society, Rock Dreams, The 21st Century Symphony
                        3) The Advertisement, My broken Spirit
                        4) The Uprising
                        5) At the End of the Day, Dedmen Anthem 2
                        6) A Rising Fall, The End of the Age of Oil Symphony
Poetry & Rhyming - A collection of works dating from 15 years ago to recent
Short Stories - 4 stories - some dating to 10 years ago, 2 dated this year

Below is a sample of the A Rising Fall musical by Adam James Keane. The album can be found in the above torrent link.

1) dedmen Anthem, Class of 2025, Dead Memories, New Utopia

2) Ring Tone Society, Rock Dreams, 21st century Symphony

5) At the End of the Day, Dedmen Anthem 2

6) A Rising Fall

Download here from Amazon for US$1:

Download here from Smashwords for free:

Rapidgator and Rapidshare links available in posts below or upon request.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee
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