Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Artwork: Utopian Circus

I've been busy. 28013 means finishing Coffee and Sugar and editing and releasing Utopian Circus (book 2 in the CITY trilogy) and Coffee and Sugar; March and June respectively.

My days are dedicated to teaching English here in São Paulo and writing in between classes. Today was very productive, writing from 8am-1pm. Managed to drop right back in the flow and write and very good 5,000 words. Very productive and a great feeling to be back writing after a one week break promoting A Rising Fall and doing the digital launch of the eBook version.

My nights are balancing the dogs, the cats and the kids and now working on the artwork and editing of Utopian Circus. For anyone who has never written an album or a book, editing is a painful and horrible process of reading the same lines over and over until you can bear it no more, then and only then, have you just begun.

Below is the running artwork for Utopian Circus which should be released digitally in March 2013, once again for free through The Pirate Bay, Smashwords, Scribd, Rapidfire, Rapidgator and more sources and of course there will be a US$1 copy available on Amazon Kindle for those kind souls that want to support my art fiscally.

Until then, this is the running artwork. White on black this time (A Rising Fall - pictured below - was black on white). Makes me wonder where i go for iCannibal the third book in the trilogy; transperancy on grey maybe


A RISING FALL - Available Now (epub, mobi, pdf)

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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