Friday, January 11, 2013

On human evolution, writing books and not blogs and free stuff

In note, I haven't given any time to blogging per se, mainly due to the fact that i am writing and really don't take any breaks in between writing books.

For this reason, my philosophical outpourings, or random understandings are left attended to my students and the characters in my stories.

Normally I would have some wise underpinning to lace upon you that i would not doubt disbelieve in the next breath as the way thought is, organic, in flux; a river of emotive deceit.

So, i admit the title to my blog is rather deceptive. Short stories, poetry and philosophy. You stumbled upon here expecting so much more than what my absence could scrape together like a drunk scratching at his pockets as the drink before him is pulled further from his thirsting lips; in your case, your hungering want, your conscious mouth agape, waiting with the patience of a screaming child by its mother's breast.

Sorry. I don't spend any time writing typical blog writing because well, I am busy writing novels, teaching obsessively, being an adoring and hopefully adores husband, loving and digging my fingers firmly into the dough of my children's creative upbringing, attending to the destructive necessity of my 2 outdoor dogs, attending to the hoppity want of my indoor dog, meeting the emotional and grooming needs of my Persian whilst attending to the needs of the other 3 cats whilst exercising 6 days a week at the gym and running 5-10kms with the dogs to tire their destructive want, much like the want of my young daughter which leaves me with one thought for you; something that befell my reason, the evolution of human as animal.

Infant  -   Cat    (does very little except eat, sleep and poop. Decides to wake up and play at completely inappropriate times to your sleep schedule. Adores your love, when it wants it)

Toddler - Dog  (Can understand basic commands, may need to be repeated many times. If left to its own devices, will destroy everything within reach. Must exercise daily)

Teenager - Sheep (moves in groups and spends its times in empty lots or carparks just 'kick it'. Also has a tendency for 'grass')

Adult  -  Cow (moves only when prodded. Crams itself into trains every morning and every eve so that it can sit stupidly behind a desk where its creative output is milked, packaged, branded and sold offshore. On weekends it appreciates an open field where it chooses to sit in the one spot and do little else. Its freedom is a cage as its creativity; having been milked, offers him little resource in what to do with said freedom, thus he is a bigger meaner version of infant)

So, if you want philosophy and rhyming, two things big kids love; read my books. The digital versions are free. The paperbacks cost money because they are TANGIBLE. At least this is my thinking.

Buy my books on Amazon here - Kindle and Paperback - A Rising Fall

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So there you go, you want philosophy, story, rhyme and more, read the book. Buy it or download it free.
It's only complicated if you make it so.
See you in my imagination.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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