Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Excerpt: Heaven is Full of Arseholes (Act I)

The Headmaster seemed to address little concern to The Father’s plea. His words pulled on her empathetic string with the strength of a grain of sand holding back a hurricane. His look of desperation; which welled in his widening eyes, did little to erode her mount of humiliation that was invisible under the lathered mould of her unstrained expression; that sticks and stones stare of a trained professional that she wore like her favourite blouse. 

Excerpt - HEAVEN IS FULL OF ARSEHOLES  ₢2013 C. Sean McGee

The above is an excerpt from the short story I am writing entitled Heaven is Full of Arseholes, a fractal take on agape (unconditional love). I have taken time off from finishing the second half of Coffee and Sugar to prepare Utopian Circus for its March 1 launch as a free eBook and also in paperback print format.

This is common for me, to stop at the halfway point and write a 8-10,000 word short story just because my focus requires it.

2 days of writing so far on this story and the Act I is completed. Should finish Act II & III before the end of February. It will be ready for free download as epub, mobi and pdf before March 1.

FREE ART - Coming Soon - Utopian Circus - March 1 - free eBook & Paperback (US$15)

Take Risk and Take Care,

C.. Sean McGee

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