Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Extract: Preparing The Nervous Lady's coffee (₢2013 Coffee and Sugar)

He dressed himself in her naivety and gazed through her eyes, touching every grain of coffee as his heart touched upon every moment of sorrow that she carried deep in her gut and he looked to, with expecting eyes at every pair of feet that shuffled about on the broken cement outside the window where she sat, waiting for a pair of shiny black loafers with a small silver buckle over the toes to walk past the window, stop in front of the entrance and turn on a five cent piece; like a soldier’s procession, and move into the store where she would follow the feet until they stood upon the tail of her own shadow and as he followed her eyes up the length of the man’s trousers, up to his chest, his heart exploded with hers and her eyes locked upon his and heaven swam at her breast and at this very moment, his fingers picked at each grain of sugar and spent them into the bitter black coffee below and as he pulled himself from his delusion; from her bitter sweet life, Joao calmly watched The Nervous Lady sitting in her chair watching the passage of feet on the broken cement as she had done for the last eight years, seven months and eleven days; waiting for chance to bring love back into her life, and as he watched her, his hands slowly turned the cup back and forth as if he were gently trying to start a fire with a stick and some brush, turning his hands like one of Shakespeare’s witches boiling her brew, until the tiny individual grains of sugar slowly sank into the bitter coffee and found their places, putting themselves were they needed most to be and with a single breath, it was done.

(Extract - Coffee and Sugar ₢2013 C.Sean McGee)

First bit of writing for 2013. Extract from my latest novel that I am working on called Coffee and Sugar. One very long sentence. In this scene, Joao is pouring a coffee for The Nervous Lady, picking grain by grain of coffee and sugar, imagining her bitter memories and her sweet rewards.

take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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