Saturday, January 19, 2013

Utopian Circus Update

A frantic morning, waking up bright and early despite my conscious compass pointing north back at my pillow. The design is draining me, killing me. I am waking up destroyed every day and after every attempt finding some reason to start from scratch again and again. I am determined to see this through.

It really puts your whole piece in perspective when you construct not just the emotive right side of the project but you actually logicalise your brain and assemble the infrastructure and mechanics of the interior design and cover art aside from throwing around ideas in your free floating cerebral canvas.

The project is entirely mine. And through the frustration, the psychotic rages ad tear driven hissy fits trying to learn advanced graphic design in two minutes, I still kept my head, kept zero:one rationale as Marcos or The behemoth would have me put it and I think the end result is pretty good for someone with no technical suave   taking initiative and giving it a go.

Writing stories is so much more enjoyable than this. The new grey hairs in my goatee can attest to this.


Interior Last Page

Chapter Zero

Cover Artwork

As we said, we're still go for the March 1 release date digitally and in print.

Print copies will be on sale at and Create Space

There will be a discount of 45% off the list price for the first two weeks.

More info soon. 

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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