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A Moment of Clarity

Behold, the defining moment that instills fear into the supercilious mind-frame of the emotionless deadman. He who directed his actions to best suit the desired image that he was led to believe would define his character. Everything he was, and the life he called his own was fathomed by an overbearing self-gratifying consumer industry that’s currency traded on a malnourished sense of self-belonging and perpetual worth.
In a market driven civilization where nothing ever has value until it is sold or stolen, our anti-hero was the epitome of self-proclaimed definition.

He knew his place in society and anchored himself onto identities whose profiles were of more value than his own. His complacency came from the marketed masses that would anchor themselves to his own fatuous image. As long as he was emulated, he was adulated. This value of self-importance is the fading memory that keeps the cold truth at bay. Because of this day, and for every new day to come, there is no sense of value or i…


What sacrifice, to conceive a dream? When all you leave behind, is all you'll ever be.

A Filter for a Frail Horizon

I lose a breath while I'm thinking
Misplace a second as it passes out of time
A splice of memories now missing
I think a moment passed where I forgot to die

And so this day is becoming

High in tide that will take me home
Conceals a current running straight through hell
It caught me drifting from the world I know
A broken crest on a rising swell

And surely hope is resigning

I think I'm waking from another dream
I won't remember how I made it out alive
The focus centre's on uncertainty
The null and voids have become a way of life

And so my self is descending

Am I nearly dying yet?

As I sat down to eat my toasted cheese thing that cost me $5 I stared aorund the mass opf bodies swarming around me trying to find their place. I was listening to Radiohead - OK Computer so was already entrenched in some suicidal stuphor. It occurred to me oddly in between "dreaming about a funeral where I am sitting in the back pew that is completely empty and the person in the casket has no name" that all these people around me, these corporate executives, these ambitous whores, all look like they are dead. They are all walking around in their death suit. And I kind of looked down at myself and thought, 'yeah, this is probably how i will be dressed when i am dead".

Z = z2 + C

I am to minds both resvolving
Both fearful of presence evolving
One part equating to trouble the sleuth
Consumed by division the other half knew

This universe
This starry lie
What path shall affect us?
What fate begets I?

A shift and turn towards necessity
A recollection of old memories
See it go and then let it be
Try losing focus on another dream

This man
This occupant of life
What tears will he show us
Which one of us will cry?


Above azure oceans
And beyond desolate dawns
Through mists of life enchanting
The sadness I adorn

Solemn days approaching
As laughter takes its guise
My beautiful earth holds me here
And waits for my demise


Take me from where I am
and guide me closer to you
Give me the scars that tear out your heart
so I can be closer to you
Kiss me again and feed me your pain
Then haunt me when I am alone
Nestled in mind I hold you inside
And make your sorrow my own
As death closes in I burn deep within
To taste your breath and caress your face
Before I should die please take me aside
For one last eternal embrace

Silent Existence

Wherin I find the truth so stale
A stark remembrance of innocence failed
A sheltered dream
An empty wound
A decipher less vision
My impetuous doom
An unspoken word to fall on deaf ears
Speaking in silence to comfort my fears
I revel in loss and the comfort of pain
To scar my realities again and again

What will you remember when nothing is left?