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Alex and The Gruff (a tale of horror) Reviews

This is the tale of a polite and well-mannered boy named Alex who; after being abducted by a pedophile, develops an incredible bond with an angry and foul mouthed doll called The Gruff who teaches young Alex how to find his voice.
When Alex wakes bound in a wooden coffin to manic cursing and abusing, he finds something he’d never imagined having, a true friend. In the days that follow, a small oddly tempered doll called The Gruff will teach Alex how to say no, how to sharpen his claws and how to kill a man. 
And a triangle of deception will leave Alex wondering who the real victim is.
Based on real events and explores the philosophical theme of the effect of the domestication of children through mannerly learning and poses the premise that 'politeness is the discipline of abuse'.


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Anonymous 5 Stars - a great read. very subtle horror. the style reminded me of Steven King''s "It". I didn't know who to cheer for and who hate in the end…

Happy People Live Here

"a horribly depressing work of miserable and sapping fiction"
**writing underway**
Take Risk and Take Care, C.SeanMcGee

Inspiration - SHINING (NOR) live in NOrway

It is rare indeed. But this is one of those bands that wipe the slate clean and make me feel 16 again; obsessive as hell, burning at my fingertips, wanting to know everything, completely consumed, thirsted and staggering for more. Bravo. This is SHINING from Norway. BlackJazz Rebels!!!

Live at Øya Festival 2013
Take Risk and Take Care,