Saturday, January 19, 2013


So it is decided, not by myself, but of greater wisdom defined by my sub conscious.

After completing the design of Utopian Circus (which is in the final phase), instead of returning immediately to    continue the adventures of Joao in Coffee and Sugar, I will take some time off; not to rest but to work on a short story that is burning my cerebral cortex called 'Heaven is Full of Arseholes'.

This is a sweet(ish) story of unconditional love between a distraught father and his son who causes a car crash that kills his young daughter, his loving wife and eventually he and his son.

The philosophy explored in this story will be Agape from a less human perspective.

Most theodolites assume in their righteous stance that Agape (unconditional love) is that of the love between man and god. I propose in this story through examples of Fractal Prose that Agape is expressed as the love of god for man and not vice versa & thus its expressions is repeated countless in nature as a father's love for his son, a conscious for its sub conscious, the rider to the horse and so on. We will explore the first example in this novel and show how regardless what horrible wrongs man can do, he is welcome in heaven.

Bound to offend my theological friends, maybe because I understand the nature of a god more than they and yet i maintain religious abstinence.

This should be completed quite quickly. I intend to write several short stories understanding the fractal nature of the universe and conceptional love. No working title yet.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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