Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hunter - A Stalker's Eye View

Music is so vital to my wiritng process. I write subconsciously in that, a certain song takes me to a dark place in my conscious state where i can focus, feel and then allow my subconsious to speak and write on my behalf. Think / Feel / Speak

It is a torrential and diffiuclt process. 

There is  THE WAY IN

The Way In is Steven Wilson's Harmony Korine. A beautiful and haunting piece. 

Then Down the rabbit hole, there is The ABYSS

Once inside The Abyss, while writing and in conscious focus, I have music or imagery playing on the television beside me, something to resonate the emotion or the gasoline necessary for my subconscious vbehicle to arrive at its destinaton.

The first third of this novel is quite heavy and dark and emotionally fucked up and in my opinion, there is no better artist to take me to this state than Steven Wilson. For the second third, the Get All You Deserve DVD will be replaced by a slideshow of Codex Seraphinius with the final third unknown.

And finally....


The Way Out is hard to explain. It's a way out. I feel like a diver slowly rising to the surface. I can't come up too quick. I don't know what would happen. I just know I'm not supposed to come up too quick. So the Way Out is a kind and slow brooding ascent that leaves me at the surface spitting red dirt from my parched lips.

In this case, The Way Out comes in Boyscout Blowout by Sordal. Described by the Stein Roger Sordal himself as "hope and solitude". Something I can relate to, scratching my way back from the abyss with letters clenched in my teeth and the blurred outline of everything i care for so dearly ahead, in the light.

The Hunter will be my strangest literary fiction piece to date. You'll hate me for making you feel like this.

Take Risk and Take Care,


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