No Standing Any Time

Hello there you wandering other.
I have arrived at my point of terminalis.
7 hour stop over in a corporate whitewash.
Tell me something about you.
Say something revealing through the tone of clarity.
Today I; am found by myself, wading in the resilient tide of finality.
No longer shall I disguise my needs as an urgency to disregard the relevance of standing stern on both feet, gripping the shore with eyes firmly tuned to the horizon.
No longer shall I have to witness the breaks in light that then become day unto night.
My needs are still, as with the waiting tide.
They do not suffocate my pours and filter into my soul.
They leave.
They leave clarity.

I will be looking for you and it will be easier for me to find you now.

- Now that we are still,
- Now that we move only to the steps of our feet,
- Now that we agree with ourselves,
- Now that we are still.

Standing in one place in body and mind, never fluctuating through the tides, we are no longer conditioned as being coarse and unrestrained like those mischievous currents.
Now we are still.
I can find you now.
Don't move.
Stay still.


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