Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coffee and Sugar - 41,000 words

halfway through looks like a lot of words. Expect the self loathing and panic to arrive in 20,00 more words.

Coffee and Sugar @ 41,000 words & still just stretching its feet.

C. Sean McGee

Coming Soon:                                 RELEASE DATE:                               STATUS:

A Rising Fall (AR1S1NGFALL)    -  Jan 2013  - Pre-order now           -  being printed

Utopian Circus                              -  July 2013                                     -  awaiting self publishing
Coffee and Sugar                         -  December 2013                           -  in production
Coffee Tales                                 -  December 2013                           -  commence May 2103
Culto                                              - June 2014                                    -  commence Oct 2013
iCannibal                                       -  December 2014                           -  commence Apr 2014
Hypercenter Story                        -  June 2015                                    -  commence  December 2014

A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus and iCannibal make up the dystopian trilogy CITY:aliteraryconcerto

You can pre-order copies of A Rising Fall now. First pressing is limited to 250 copies. A truly independent art venture.

Download a free teaser of the book from
This torrent features:

A Rising FALL teaser (first 100 pages of the novel)

Poetry - Ranging from infantile teenage poetry to some recent works (nothing from this recent creative spark though. Most of my recent poetry can be found inside my books. I have been exploring the joy of nursery rhymes, though with adult philosophy and themes)
Short Stories -  5 or so short stories which are more like structured story like poems. Literary fiction for those that like to sing when they read. The folder features one story taken from A Rising Fall - Jonathon and The Collector that i decided to also package separate. It is an adults nursery rhyme. Also the short story "Return on Investment" which ideally is an add on piece to the CITY trilogy, referring to the dystopian city described in the second book in the trilogy.

To pre-order A Rising fall or contact me direct, email:

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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