Rhyme Extract: A Rising Fall

Rhyme Extract:  A Rising Fall

When I am alone;
And at being with fear,
I will my delusion away.
For the night that is here;
Will soon disappear,
And return me to being at day.

- Safrine

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Title: A Rising Fall
Series: 1 of 3
Series Title:   CITY:aliteraryconcerto
Author: C. Sean McGee
Blurb:  Don't live your life in summary. read the book, write your own blurb.
Theme: Dystopian / Philosophy / Literary Fiction
Published: ₢2012 CSM Publishing

PAPERBACK - Limited to 250 copies. Available in January 2013.
US$15 plus shipping


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Short Stories:   4 short stories by C. Sean McGee, some based on musical pieces.

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