Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Rising Fall Synopsis


A Rising Fall is a philosophical/ dystopian love story centered around the protagonist; Marcos and his wife; The Woman who lead a small society of children, women, philosophers and scientists in an abandoned industrial assembly plant ten years after the blackout; when the ages of oil, industry and information ground to a halt.
In three days, an epic journey will unfold through a web of suspicion, treason, song and dance, cruel scientific experiments, storytelling, sadistic scientists, petulant generals, cold and distant lovers and of course the odd glass of Poitin.

After a century of dehumanisation, technological dependence and mal-communication, humanity lost its empathy. At the end of the age of oil, the engines stopped. At the end of the age of information, identity stopped and in the age of famine, mankind stopped. 

Nature had removed the empathy gene from man, the gene that preserves existence linking man to man, man to nature and man to god. Without the gene, women could no longer bond with their new born children. Unable to lactate, unwilling to care, the mothers left their infants to starve to death and the depletion of human production began.

The Collective, led by Marcos, occupy downtown and pacify the potentially violent and unpredictable Famined by feeding them information to quiet the hunger in their minds much like an apocalyptic methadone clinic. Inside the Nest they work to re-learn the empathy gene with the children they collect from the streets and the Child Markets.

In the days leading to the fall of the Nest, Marcos and his lover; The Woman, start to delve into delusion and dream, thinking they are falling into famine. His suspicion will unravel a treason that will set in motion, the fall of one idea for the betterment of another, as begins the march towards a new frontier, towards the city of light and sound, towards New Utopia.

And he will sing unto the crowd: “Love as one” and the crowd will chant: “Live as you love”. 


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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