Saturday, December 29, 2012

Books that affected me

I was asked recently what my 10 favourite books of all time were and I had to confess, I don't read.

I can answer the above trivia on one hand maybe and I'll do my best below.

I have never had the attention for reading and as a philosopher, writer, artist and rhymer, I have no desire to read or to accidentally be influenced by another great artist's work.

I have mentioned previously that writing in my perspective is Literary Masturbation. I write because of a feeling it serves me that no-one else can come close to serving. Writing fulfills a narcissistic calling that i believe sings to every author, essentially authors of creative fiction, not that moronic help yourself, spiritual healing be a better leader rubbish. Sorry Mr. Tim Ferris, as much as people put you in some idolized catalogue, you belong well in this pack.

I follow no philosophers before me. I am trying to define my own universal thought, not contemplate and moot the work of others. This is what universities and their acclaimed professors are for; 51 percenters providing 0% new insight.

So, I did once upon a time read a few books that stay close to me and I keep on a tiny bookshelf in my office. I remember when I studied Creative Writing at university and when I mentioned these books my aged professor hissed and hussed and said that an esteemed and real writer will quote Dickens or Hemmingway or god help us all, Jane Austin... I didn't stay very long in this course. But we'll leave my thought on university for another day. For now, here is my list of the only books i have read and the order in which I love them:

1) American Psycho - the first book I ever read. developed my joy of the anti-hero

2) His Dark Materials - I received the first book to read from a guy called Vlad and I read it in 2 days. I bought the whole trilogy the next day and I still read this trilogy once a year. It re-invoked something special in me, the thrill of children's stories, written for an adult's pallet. This idea I inject into all of my work, so thank you Phillip, I guess I took something after-all.

3) 1984 - Brilliant. Very dry but brilliant. The dryness in the writing though suited the context of the story.

4) Animal Farm - unofficially i would put this before 1984. 

5) Brave New World - took me a bit to enjoy this ride. It was grand and when I write my philosophy into my characters, I bridge myself on his work, though very scientific and bland. His only fault, his inability to write colour.

So there we have it. the only 2 of those i read perpetual are american psycho and his dark materials. And this is the extent of my literary library. Though i did forget one, The Rules of Attraction also by Brett Easton Ellis.

I am though heavily influenced and intoxicated by music. Next entry we will explore the music that pulled me through the insane 2 months writing A Rising Fall.

Until then, as always:

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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