Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heads up for Smashwords epub edition errors

***If anyone has come from Smashwords, the version created by their converter is showing off text. Randomly, the text is smaller and of a different type set. It looks horrible and I have emailed the etch dept there to confirm if they have a bug in their system.

In creation of the file for smashwords all guidelines were followed to suit their conversion methods.

If you downloaded an epub from smashwords and you had this problems follow any of the following links to download a more appropriate version created by myself using Calibre software.

I apologise for anyone who took the time to download the Smashwords version. I checked it on my wife's ipad and it looked horrendous. If you downloaded an epub and it looked fine on your player, let me know. Also if you downloaded a mobi or even pdf from smashwords, let me know how it looked. I am blind on this end and I don't want an ugly finish.

Thanks guys. It's been a great start to free art. A Rising Fall has been dowloading steadily through Pirate Bay, Rapid Gator, Rapid Share, Smashwords and Scribd.

When I return to work on Jan 2nd, I will recommence work on Coffee and Sugar & look to complete by February hopefully with some intense writing. Then I plan to have Utopian Circus edited and artwork done by March 2013. Only a couple of more months. The second book is pure philosophical fantasy. Lot's of creepy new characters and head bending rhymes.

Rapidshare Download LInks:

Epub  - Download epub version here from Rapidshare

PDF  Download PDF version here from Rapidshare

Mobi   -  Download Mobi version here from Rapidshare

Rapidgator download links: 

Epub download epub from Rapidgator
Mobi download mobi from rapidgator
PDF download pdf from rapidgator


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Love as One. Free Art - Just a writer's voice and your conscious ear.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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