New Torrent - A Rising Fall novel and Musical together

New torrents have been uploaded including bundle containing:

-    A Rising Fall (epub, mobi, pdf for all devices)

-   A Rising Falll the Musical by Adam james Keane - an industrial/progressive/rock/blues/metal extravaganza

Track List:

1) DeDMeN Anthem , Our Broken Spirit, DeDMeN Will target You, Class of 2025, Dead Memories, We're Going to (New Utopia)
2) Ring Tone Society, Rock Dreams, 21st Century Symphony
3) The Advertisement, My Broken Spirit
4) The Uprising
5) At the End of the Day
6) A Rising Fall, The End of the Age of Oil Symphony

-    Poetry and Rhyming (pdf) - Collection of som every old and newish poems and rhymes

-    Short Stories (pdf) - A collection of short stories, most based on musical pieces.

Download Ultimate Torrent bundle here

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee


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