Coming Soon: Utopian Circus

Coming Soon in 2013:              Utopian Circus

After the success of A Rising Fall free download, Utopian Circus; book 2 in the philosophical dystopian trilogy, will be uploaded for free in epub, mobi and pdf format early 2013.

Download A Rising Fall here:

Epub  - Download epub version here from Rapidshare

PDF  Download PDF version here from Rapidshare

Mobi   -  Download Mobi version here from Rapidshare

ALL - Download torrent for epub, mobi and pdf formats for all devices here from The Pirate bay

Once work has been completed on Coffee and Sugar, I will edit and complete artwork for Utopian Circus and upload to The Pirate Bay for curious cats to enjoy.

Keep tuned and have an honest holidays.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee


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