Friday, August 07, 2015

Bazar Bizarro

Aside from writing, (not everything is dark and sleazy existentialism) I have something esle that fills me with pride and surpassses anything that i do on my own accord; because I do so and create with my family, and more so, my partner in art, my wife Keli.
Bazar bizarro is our brand of Alterntive kids clothing. A project of absolute passion.

Bazar Bizarro "Colorful like Childhood"

Art is an infantile expression that is surpressed on our path of responsibility, chasing the idea of being "adult"
Our creation is clothes that are not bound by 'names' 'steroetypes' 'prejudice' and are not limited by the adult fears. Every color is for every child. Our philosphy is that color represents happiness, and happiness  is an artform; where art itself represents liberty; that anything is possible.
So, this is our first advertising campaign really pushing more than our brand, but the people behind it. Our family, and our small team of passionate seamstresses that care as much as we do, about what we do.
Our passion. Our bizarre family. Bazar Bizarro - Colorful like Childhood.
Oh, we sell international. Make use of your powerful dollar, and bring some color into your life. So share, Like, and spread the word

Something colorful this way comes !!!!
Take Risk and Take Care, ane be Colorful,

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