Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When being independant means a more acute and helpless kind of molestation

To companies stealing from artists (in this case Free e-Books.net), it is enough as a struggling artist in this bolemic industry having to give my books away for free to gte some exposure - my hard fucking work and fucking creativity just whisked away because i, we, everyone has no fucking choice. But for you fuckers to come in as you do and profit so absurdly from my pshycological fucking hell, from my fucking demons that i live with every fucking day - take them. May they give to you what they took from me.

My letter to Free-eBooks.net

The manner in which your business is run is unethical and i wish to have all of my titles removed from your website.

Your site forces users to pay a subscription to join and moreso, for vip status to access ePub and Mobi files of novels which are the fundamental platforms for ebook readers, capitolising on this fact, you are generating revenue directly from the transferring of epub and mobi files of titles mening you are profitiing from the titles as a transferring company or a 'delivery service' and therefore are in breach of Creative Commons Licensing which prohbits if the creatr of a work stipulates, the generation of revenue from their works. 

This is entirely unethical that, according to your website, you have nearly 1,5 million subscribers paying up to US$97 each and with this revenue, you are paying not one cent of royalties to the authors and artists of whose work you are monopolzing and expoiting in this manner.

Take my works from your site. I will be contacting the FTC in regards to how your business operates. At the very least, a good look at your books and how your business operates is in order. YOu are manipulating readers and moreso, you are exploiting independant writers who are already struggling to have their art noticed and valued properly in the marketplace.

For your company to generate such extravegant revenue is appalling and asside from your IRS waving their hot wand up your collective arses, i would like to offer you the chance to go and fuck yourself.

Take Risk and Take Care,


**you want to support independant art, stop buying stupid fucking apps for your iphone and buy a paperback for these novels you get for free on your digital slave devices. The money you waste on absolute shit can maybe stop an artist form having to cut off their fucking ear. Truly support independant art, don't just click like**

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