Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Excerpt: {untitled} by c.seanmcgee - Coming to The Free Art Collection in 2015

Excerpt: {untitled}

This tree might have told a thousand tales and been inscribed with the besotted initials of a thousand lovers, only to wet its thirsted roots on the salted tears of a thousand broken hearts. It might have heard a thousand promises to never again speak of a thousand secrets and over a thousand years, it might have heard them spoken, a thousand-fold more. It might have lived for ten thousand years and were it on the absolute edge of any other town, it might even live for ten thousand more. But here, a thousand miles from anywhere at all, this once incredible Sycamore tree was a curser for a town with no name and no place on any map, a town besieged by a ravenous plague of death and atrophy.
{untitled} C.SeanMcGee ₢2014

Coming to The Free Art Collection ₢  in 2015

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