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English Classes by C. Sean McGee

Part of my reasoning of giving my books away for free I will explain in due time, it though has eveyrthing to do with the understanding of the give and take of the human brain, of the sub and conscious states and self reward; that being endorphin and seratonin.

I do however pay my bills as an English Teacher (ESL) in Brazil and I am now offering SKYPE lessons to stalkers and their friends, familiaes, therapists in Europe, Asia and South America. My books pay me nothing but my teaching puts food aon the table and my kids in school. And at this moment, I need more work.

So Stalkers, if you live in Europe, Asia, Indonesia, South America, Russia, China and the rest, and you have friends, colleagues, family or whoever looking for English Classes, send them my way.

I have created my own methodology based on understanding how the conscious and subconscious states interact in communicztion and how to eliminate conscious blockers to create more affluent, cionfident and influencial speakers, in both the new target language and in the learners own; usually emotionally repressed language.

Develping Instinctual Communicators - Think, Feel, Speak

The C and K method understands communication as the desire of one person to express a vision, idea or emotional resonance  framed in his/ her imagination, having emotion and lexical structure as the two fundamental points to encode the image displayed and deliver it to the recipient.

Language is not without emotion.

Instead of focusing on typical grammar and its meanings, grammatical and structural portions are presented contextually and subtly, so that students actively use language to represent an image before analyzing the meaning and skeleten of said structure. Like a young child, learning first to mouth the words before begging to question of their significance.

The focus of this methodology mirrors the development of native language of children, understanding the necessity of repetition and the joy in forming words and their attribution to imagery.

No testing - Language is organic and there does not exist levels in langauge as in the construction of the most complex idea, one is shipwrecked without the most basic learning, therefore I do not support the idea that one can be of any level and certified at this level. Being organic, if one doesn't constantly nurture their language, they will lose it so testing is done class to class in the practical setting where one is always evaluating their fluency, vocabulary, structure and their confidence in delivering their speech.

The heart of my method is the focus on the communication of image and emotion adorned by I-Conscious and lexical linguistic form created by the I-Unconscious.

Each student is trained  to communicate more proficient, either in English or in their native language, by understanding how the human brain organizes information and generates speech. The student learns to communicate through feeling and to avoid rationalizing his/her speech.

My role as a teacher is to help shape you the learner as an 'instinctual communicator', being able to build bridges of linghuistic comprehension and influence.

Each person has the opportunity to affect with their words. here you will learn how to do just that.

The idea of language is set in three elements:

The I-conscious - responsible for image and direction (aka The GPS). Here the student learns the art of focus and direction by utilising and empowering their conscious mind to better direct the intention of their desired communication. With the right focus and imagery, the speaker understands in any stance when they have arrived at their destination (i.e, the art of knowing when to say more and when to shut the hell up). Without the right image, your vehicle will go in circles (which is the curse of native speakers who find difficulty in speaking to a point)

Emotion - This is the gasoline for your vehicle and speech. Without emotion, there is no effect to words. Remember, the fundamentals of language is to represent and code emotion to communicate our fears and loves to our immediate community. The curse of natural and native speech is the practice of speaking without necessity or without emotion (ie. saying I love you on any occasion without actually feeling that abundance of love or a sense of immediate fragility). Emotion is our influence, it is like filling air in a balloon. Without it, our words may be elastic, but they are flaccid and without form and fall lifeless from our tongues. Here the student learns the art of filling each word like a baloon so that they can lift the spirits of others and themselves.

I-unconscious - This is merely the vehicle. Through repetition, the subconscious and its complex universal algorithms, makes and imprint of language and structure in the sub conscious mind like all motor skill and emotionall reflexive activity. Here the student learns basic repitition in association with emtion and imagery so the sub conscious can do its job, layering the correct structure in accordance with the correct emotional range and imagery so that when called up (ie the student is suprised on the street or experiences any millions of visual, audible, scenting or emotional combinations), the sub conscious can present the right structure and language to communicate their I-conscious necessities. Like the child who repeats 100,000 times per day a single phraze without knowing at all what it means or when or where to use this phraze, the student practices in the same environment, the repition of structure and language contextually.

So, the Unconscious State is the vehicle. Without emotion (gasoline) it cannot run. Without a destination (conscious imagery), it will run in circles and inevitably get lost.

So as a communicator, one must think, feel, then speak.

And in this time, if the student shows any conscious doubt or fear (represented in frustration and anger), my role is to distract the conscious mind to return to an image and focused state, to ignore the desire for decryption and to eliminate the conscious blockers (in this case the student asking "why") so the student can practice the language and perfect the sub-conscious development of structure layering before their ego is embelllished with the finality of knowing why structure is as it is.

Classes are done through SKYPE without any material whatsoever.

I am now extending my course outside of Brazil to Europe, Asia & South America and Indonesia and of course any person on the end of any network anywhere who wants to perfect not just their english, but their own internal self through communication development.

All classes are in target language only - no translation (my focus is not that you think in Enlgish, its that you don't think at all, that you learn the art of conscious focus and conscious imagery to become a more proficient instinctual communicator)

All levels learn through a philosophical and psychological lens.

First Certificate
& Other Standardised Testing

Payments made through PayPal.


Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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