Monday, September 30, 2013

Attention Stalkers

Attention Stalkers: 

Coffee and Sugar has now bbeen made free on Amazon Kindle store. Thanks to those that helped by going to the Amazon page and "telling them about a lower price" so the book could exist as it should be - free art. Now I ask your help again. 

There are still 3 titles in The Free Art Collection where people are being charged and though it is nice to be paid for my art, it kind of goes against the grain these titles being part of any free art collection if Stalkers should be charged in any form for reading the books. 

So the next challenge is: ALEX and the GRUFF (a tale of horror) - 

The link to the amazon site is: 

As usual, click on the 'tell us about a lower price' and then insert this link for barnes and noble 

After this, we still have Utopian Circus and Heaven is Full of Arseholes to make free.

thank you,

take risk and take care,


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