Utopian Circus Paperback

3 Reason Why Books Are Better than Digital Devices:

1. Doesn't require batteries

2. Quick Loading (just open cover)

3. Doubles as a coffee coaster


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**Warning: This book contains graphic philosophy**

Through the charred wreckage of one man’s philosophy, an adventure into conscious delusion and dark dystopian fantasy begins as the survivors of The Nest find themselves on three paths where each will endeavor to rein their conscious minds to grasp the philosophy of existence and abate the shackles of conscious Famine as they march onwards towards New Utopia.

On one path, Marcos, having woken naked and amnesic at the scorn of ancient women whose immortality derives from the wearing of young girl’s faces like decorative dresses; is chased through a dense wilderness for the face that he wears whilst drifting in and out of conscious Famine, giving a glimpse into The City that was, one of obligation and Infant Industries.

On the second path, in The Kingdom of the Hound, Ruff the dog is awoken to conscious debate, rationalizing and philosophizing with an ostentatious small Chihuahua called The Bitch Queen over the nature of unconditional love as he fights to save the lives of his human friends from being gamed by savage hounds and monolithic boars. 

While on a third path, The Woman will unravel, through conscious delusion, the true extent of her repressions and her loveless abandon as a young girl; Safrine, through childish rhyme, is challenged by a creepy old man into a game of coloured cubes to save her two companions from the effect of The Famine.

City: A Literary Concerto Overview:

What sacrifice, to conceive a dream; when all you leave behind, is all you’ll ever be?

The City Concerto; through literary prose, answers one question: To what lengths would a father go and what horrible wrongs would he do, to teach a god how to love again?

The trilogy illustrates the human emancipation from three states of love; Eros, Philos and Agape as each is torn apart under the guise of well intention as humanity; now void of identity in the wake of a century of dehumanizing dependence and necessity upon industry and digital technology; has separated itself from the labour of its existence, aborting empathy and setting in place the death of mother nature. Yet, on the verge of extinction; mankind presses on; towards salvation; towards the city of light and sound; towards New Utopia

The City Trilogy approaches the concept of industrialized dehumanization by exploring current polemic states such as man’s empathetic and obsessive link to digital technology, branding, plastic surgery, social networking and a fear of nature which emulates in the current global controversy in the rise of unnecessary Caesarean births by production line hospitals. The story paints the ‘what ifs’ in the effect that such industrial dependence would play on the human genome; purporting life as an efficient production as opposed to a natural creation; that when nature is removed from the equation, what would happen if the industry stopped? 

Who would mother humanity?



Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee


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