Friday, September 06, 2013

Coffee and Sugar (2nd Edition) Author Note

The more The Bishop screamed, the more excited the group got and the more riled were their senses, the more depraved was their violence,

Coffee and Sugar ₢2013 C. Sean McGee

I have returned a part of a story to where it belonged. Though one would prefer to look only at the finest threads that garb one's attire, sometimes, as a writer, i must give in to honesty and show, in utmost delicacy, the sediment of degeneracy that is the closeted and caged carnal veractity of each and every one of us.

I hold no apoloigy for what i have written in this story. I hold lesser apology for how neatly and how poetic i give, this maniacal cancer unto you the reader.

I see through your fancy threads, at those pesky hairs poking through. But that does not inspire me to dull them with a lack of appreciation. I see fancy and merriment in the filth that you scrunch into the nethers of your pockets and that your scourge from the cracks of your teeth behind shielding hands.

I do not apologise if the beauty I have basted for you, might have your threads untied.

And so I return some things to where they belong.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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