Coffee and Sugar Excerpt ₢2013

Joao saw them all though, every one of them. He saw how the rapists, junkies, drunks and vile torturous pigs put on their masks and became lawyers and teachers and preachers and prayers and mothers and fathers and judges and doctors and every single person in this entire city, in this whole wide world, every last one of them, they all had their own bastardised and vitiating hill, and they all looked scant and horribly naked under all their clothes and no amount of scouring would ever do away with the second skin of filth and decay of which they lathered and layered and made more perdurable in how they spent their wished upon days.

- Excerpt - Coffee and Sugar ₢2013

I am tired and sad and confused and unliking and the story is coming to an end. I want it to be over. Let you deal with it.
C. Sean McGee


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