Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Writing Update

Carnaval is nearly toast for another year. The Brazillian method of adopting holidays for every tradition is astounding. We would have been with the developed majority years ago were it not for the exorbitant amount of holidays each and every month.

Carnaval had me taking time off work and writing. Exercising intensely in the gym and running countless kilometers with my dogs and spending the rest of the days like a frayed wire, lying in a heap on my bed while my daughter used my lifeless body for a spring board.

Monday I am back to writing and Coffee and Sugar is speeding along well. I predict maybe that the writing should be done mid March. As I said previously, I am taking a lighter approach to writing now than I did with A Rising Fall and Utopian Circus.

That said, I am still writing at a pace that makes me one of the most productive writers in the world today. Pitted against my rigorous work out regime, my family a=and animal commitments and working 15 hours per day; this title of most productive will be a tough one for any offended writer to break.

Anyway, that aside, Coffee and Sugar should be finished and uploaded for in the FREE ART CATALOGUE around April.

Around this time I will also have written another short story. This one is about a feminist. Should be fun. It is based on a fun little proverb from the Bono of the philosophy world, Nietzsche. a little one about fighting monsters... More of that later.

I am already mapping and planning novel number 6, Oh Culto !  which will be a very personal tale; taking a ride through some trappings in my past.

Listen, I know I am not much for this while blogging thing and twitter and I apologise for those following me on facebook that I don't update random thoughts on traffic and my expanding toe. I am not a very social person and really, I am so engaged in writing these stories for you to read that i have no time to be trapped by the ordinary. Start harassing these pop artists of yours to stop tweeting shit and actually create something. I can't imagine why anyone would ever want or be able to stop.

Back to writing on Monday. I'll have more snippets of Coffee and Sugar to update for you.
The book will be published for free on The Pirate Bay, Smashwords and Scribd in April, i hope.
And of course, paperbacks will be available heavily discounted for those that like the tangible.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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