Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update: Free Art Collection 10,000 downloads

I may have failed to mention but over the weekend we passed the 10,000 download mark for The Free Art Collection.

Thank you to everyone seeding and spreading the word and for being apart of this, for reading my work and for returning for more.

I have personally uploaded 31.7 gig from my laptop including A Rising Fall ebook and cd, Utopian Circus ebook and cd, Hypercenter cd and Heaven is Full of Arseholes ebook.

I will be collaborating with Adelaide engineer and composer Adam j Keane for my next full novel entitled Oh Culto !.

Myself and Adam will define guidelines for the story so that we can each take our own direction with our mediums and create a truly expansive and emotional experience for you the reader and listener, engaging more of your senses.

For online reading, you can see The Free Art Collection @ Scribd here:  C. Sean McGee on Scribd

Also in the works is a book entitled THE ROCK ALBUM.

this will be a collection of short stories based on rock songs. i have previously written and published a short story based on the track Enigma of the Absolute by Dead Can Dance entitled 'Girl',
As you know all of my work is heavily influenced by certain musicians. music is very much my opium and my trip to Elysium so that i can disconnect and write these tales unconsciously as i do.
My intention is to write several more tales and package as a novel using music by Adam j Keane, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Johnny Cash, Dead Can Dance and Nick Cave, to name a few.

More on that later. For now I am off to celebrate a great review for A Rising Fall with my lovely wife and 2 manically adorable children with some Brazilian BBQ and some cold Stellas.

And I would like to thank all of you and for those following me on Facebook, Scribd, English tips, here and everywhere. I am flattered. My art is everything and it is nothing. I don't read. I have only read maybe 2 books in my life so i don't come to this art form as a fan in any way but I am so happy to know i am doing it right, except for the whole editing thing.

I am still looking for someone to become my left brain and work with me on editing. if you want to be involved and be an integral part of the FREE ART COLLECTIVE, contact me, please....

take Risk and take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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