Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Coffee and Sugar excerpt: The 13th Apostle's Speech

Our closeness to the lord should take us no further from the wrongs that make us human, that define our religious corroboration. Every man has in him the abundant will to accomplish many things and our desires and our depressions, they are the triggers unto which the devil sets about his traps. Even Jesus felt the thirst of temptation, for the flesh it does weaken; it suffocates the soul, so much that sometimes most people forget that it’s even there. They get so caught up in the packaging; painting it and making it sparkle that they forget the reason for it, that their body is a package, it is a parcel, it is a gift from god and they forget to look inside; to see themselves, to see their spirit, to see their purity, to see their Christian heart. Their sciences try to prove that it doesn't exist at all so they can keep this swill and swell of desire and depression at the fingertips of each Christian, to lure them, away from the embrace of Jesus Christ and smooth their depressions with saturnine delight.

- Coffee and Sugar - The 13th Apostle's Speech

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