Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stalker News: Issue 666

Olá Stalkers, (actually it oul dbe more appropriate to write Oi, the Brazilian greeting)

After CHRISTINE, I will write one more free book for you called The Boy from the County Hell; a drunken philosophical adventure with the ominous anti-hero Shane McGowan of The Pogues, fighting the evil Paul McCartney to stop the apocalypse with help from a dear passed friend of punk rock; Joe Strummer.

After The Boy form the County Hell, I will be taking a break from free art, just for one novel.

My intention is still to get signed to a publisher. I want to make a living from my hard work and creativity. It's only fair. But the selling game is very tiring and demoralising, especially when you put so much into a piece of art and some no talent salesperson takes less than a second to define their misunderstanding and creative anorexia as unsellable or unpitchable work; and those rejection letters are just tiring.

So, to continue with the charade and to try and help my family by trying to get one of these nitwit literary agents to take me on and sell my work to a publisher, I will be writing a book which will not appear free, at least for one year; time enough to try and pitch the idea to agents and if still I am rowing the same degree, then it will join the rest of the Free Art Collection.

This book will be a very difficult piece. As a father, it  is one of my fears and being this close to fear means hopefully i should be able to transcend that emtion to word and have you feeling the same. I won't go into too much detail and unfortunately there will be no excerpts as it is coming along.

I will though, during this time, try to run asme adjoining work to keep you occupied and quencihing of your thirst.

Just a warning. I imagine the book would be written in a 3 month period, maybe less. I am trying to keep my momentum of 4-5 books per year.

If I am in any condition where a publisher offers to contract me to bankroll their company, I would and will continue to produce and publish through my own independant source CSM Publishing; it's not a company, it's just me, my latop, word, calibre and adobe; and the musicians who keep me afloat thorugh the process.

So, that is the plan. And I have said this before but there are more of you stalkers now than before, peeking thorugh my open windows so i will say it again. I don't blog according to blogger standards. My philosophy I prefer to wrap up in story; it gives the ideas context, believability and life. Philosophy etched on paper is just doll opionion. And I have no bitching on social platforms and I have no social, political, spiritual or academic opinion. I would rather give you something you can not find pasted in another mind. So with that in mind i should really change the title of this blog, but you do get, in my dialy excerpts from my dilay writing, yor dose of philosophy and such.

Oh and I am moving with my family to the countryside at the end of the year. Real deal country. I love Sao Paulo; it's a headfuck of a city, pure inspiration, but as a father I need to decide what choice is best suited for my children and my animals and in this case it means moving to a big house in a tiny city with no population and I just love to say Araraquara. More decisions should be made on the sound of words. Move to something, not away from something.

That's it for now. Thank you for stalking me. I don't know who any of you are, but i feel less lonely in my listing imagination.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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