Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coffee and Sugar excerpt

This was his work; to become their somatic discontent and peer behind the thick callouses of their hearts to find not only the condition of their assiduousness, but also, the colour and song of their souls so that when they rested their rusted trowels and bade farewell to the suffocating leather that molested the sores on their feet, they could all spend a moment or two in private solicitous prayer, consuming the sum of themselves, just as a drunk might pause to admire the submissive, accepting and apologetic eloquence of his battered wife or how the successful executive might take a moment to count; on one hand, the sum of all the days he had spent watching his son becoming less like an emotionally wanting child and more of a cold and unaffecting, disconnected version of himself.

- Coffee and Sugar excerpt ₢2013

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