Monday, March 18, 2013

Coffee and Sugar

"You see, family is like nail polish remover, they take the shine off of everything you do, they make you dull and uninteresting"

- FATTS - Coffee and Sugar ₢2013

**** editing nearing some kind of completion. honestly i don't know how i fell about this story. for those that enjoyed the ...umm complexity and still philosophy of A Rising Fall or Utopian Circus, this story is different. 

It is very difficult to stomach and endure. It's strange and it's depraved and it's just what i see when i look around Sao Paulo. 

But I think it's going to upset a lot of people and make some like me a little less. 

If you enjoyed Heaven is Full of Areholes, this is another step in that direction. 

I'll leave it to your judgement. 

It shold be done by the start of April or maybe sooner, maybe next week****

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee (Read all of my work online)

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